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Start Your cleaning business in 2024

This is a comprehensive guide to success on how to start your cleaning business in 2024. The cleaning business industry is considered the lowest entry cost business that anyone can start and create a six figure brand in no time.

In this blog not only I will do a case study but also I will give you 10 effective steps, that will help you in your cleaning business journey.

This is from a guy who actually owns a janitorial business, it is not like a blogger who only searches on the internet and lays out what others already say about starting a cleaning business.

After you are done reading this blog you will have, first a complete understanding of the process and second how to implement them in your business and create a successful 6 figures business in less than a year.

Brief overview of the cleaning industry

Imagine we never clean anything in our house, our offices. Everything was going to be messy and dirty. Cleaning is like magic it makes everything cleaned and like new again.

Cleaning is very important, and according to research having a clean environment can reduce stress and keep you motivated.

For people who are in their 70s and up, living in a clean environment can help them live longer.

There are different kinds of cleaning, by the word cleaning is very vast, and the cleaning market has different subcategories like home cleaning, commercial, pressure washing cleaning, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and some specialty cleaning.

The cleaning industry is a very competitive market, but at the same time, some categories are less competitive. The question is where would you focus your business or how to stand out from all these competitors?

Opportunity for entrepreneurs in the cleaning business

There are several ways of cleaning and there are different types of cleaning. In this industry, there are hundreds of niches and each of them has its techniques, no one will ever learn everything in the cleaning industry even studying for years.

The cleaning service business is a large market with a lot of subcategories, this is why the competition might seem to be high but in reality, everyone is doing their own thing.

Here are a couple more categories just to give you an idea:

  • Commercial office cleaning
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Government property cleaning
  • Residential cleaning
  • Post construction cleaning
  • Medical facilities cleaning
  • etc.

Each of these subcategories has its way of cleaning and also requires different sets of skills to properly do the job.

Later on, I will talk about how to how to properly structure your cleaning business and create massive success.

Believe it or not, the first thing an individual should do before starting a business is to conduct market research. Let the market tell you what to do or who might be your potential clients.

But since most people who start a cleaning business are because they are tired of their boss or trying to make extra bucks, they are not entrepreneurs. They don't even know how to conduct a completely understandable market research.

I rather start doing it and learn as I'm doing it, which this exactly what happened to men in 2020, than sit doing nothing and living a miserable life or working in a job that I hate.

There are a lot of opportunities in the cleaning industry that if someone is curious that person can take advantage of.

There is no competition when you are setting or structuring your business the right way.

How to start your cleaning business in 2024

Research and planning

Market analysis

identifying your target customers

assessing competitors

Creating a Business Plan

Legal considerations when starting your cleaning business

Choose a business structure

Register your business

Obtaining the required license and permits

Insurance requirement

Define your service

Residential cleaning

Commercial cleaning

Special cleaning services

a) Carpet cleaning

b) Windows cleaning

c) Pressure washing cleaning

Set up your business

Securing equipment and supplies

Establishing a pricing strategy

Creating a professional branding and logo

Developing a simple website

Marketing and advertising

utilizing online platforms(Website, social media)

Implementing Local SEO strategies

Networking within the community

Offering promotional or discounts to attract customers

Hiring and training

Recruitment process for cleaning staff

Training program for employees

Implementing quality control measures

Clients relationship management

Developing strong customer service policies

Building and maintaining client relationship

Gathering feedback and making improvements

Financial management

Setting up accountant systems

Budgeting and financial planning

managing cash flow effectively

Scaling your business

Identifying growth opportunities

Expanding service or geographic reach

Investing in technology to streamline operations

Stay informed and adapted

Keep up with industry trends

Embracing new technologies

Adapting strategies based on market change


Recap of the steps to start scale and grow your cleaning business in 2024

In this blog, we spoke about how to start your cleaning business in 2024 and develop these steps which are.

  1. Legal considerations when starting your cleaning business
  2. Define your service
  3. Set up your business
  4. Marketing and advertising
  5. Clients relationship management
  6. Financial management
  7. Scaling your business
  8. Stay informed and adapted

And one more important thing that I didn't talk about in this blog, is networking and going to even. It is very important to going to even build a strong network around you.

In this business or any business, the only competition you have is the one you have created, otherwise, everyone else even though they are doing the same as you do, can network with them and work together to get contracts or subcontracts.

Encouragement and motivation for aspiring entrepreneurs in the cleaning industry

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