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When you choose me for your home cleaning, expect not just a spotless home but also a delightful, fresh fragrance lingering throughout your house.

Can Cleaning Help You Reduced Stress?

People use different activities to manage stress, some use Yoga, reading books, or other activities but when you look at your home still dirty.

According to studies, cleaning is just as beneficial for our mental health as any mindfulness activity. We know how hard it is after a long day of work than to focus on cleaning.

Let us take the burden for you and give you a spotless clean home. Call us us

Can Cleaning Help You Reduced Stress?

Roenter Janitorial Services

Specialized in home cleaning services, Commercial cleaning and Janitorial Cleaning Services to all Palm Beach County, Florida!

We offer cleaning services for Schools, Churches, doctors' and Chiropractor's offices, Clinics, Office buildings, Government facilities, Airport, Courthouses, and Large facilities


Our Cleaning Service schedule

✨ Daily Cleaning 
✨ Weekly Cleaning 
✨ Biweekly Cleaning 
✨ Monthly Cleaning 
✨ Quarterly Deep Cleaning 


Standard Cleaning Service Specifications

✨ Vacuum All Carpeted areas

✨ Buffer floors 

✨ Clean Lunch room floor, counter tops, table tops, chairs and outside of all appliances, inside microwave 

✨ Deep clean And Disinfect Bathrooms

✨ Disinfect facilities 

✨ Empty wastepaper baskets and clean all ash trays 

✨ Dust Furniture(without disturbing papers on desk, tables or cabinets) 

✨ Dust baseboards, chair rails, trim, louvers, pictures, frames, charts and doors(within reach)

✨ Wipe clean window sills 

✨ Wipe clean interior on a needed basis 

✨ wipe clean entrance door glass 

Company Overview

Roenter Cleaning Service

Roenter Janitorial Services is a leading provider of environmentally conscious janitorial services based in Palm Beach County, Florida

Our commitment to delivering high-quality cleaning solutions while prioritizing Eco-friendly practices sets us apart in the industry.


Janitorial & Commercial Services

✨ By working with us, You will Discover the Magic of Clean in Palm Beach County! 🌴

We Help Maintaining A Clean And Tidy space

Elevate Your Professional Image Impress clients And Boost Employee Morale

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Company Values

Reliability:  Roenter Cleaning Service is committed to delivering consistent and dependable janitorial and commercial cleaning services that our customers can trust.

Outstanding: We Take Pride In Going Above And Beyond To Exceed Our Customers' Expectations, Providing Exceptional Cleaning Solutions Tailored To Their Unique Needs

Efficiency: We utilize advanced cleaning techniques and technologies to ensure efficient and effective cleaning processes, saving our customers both time and money

Roenter Janitorial Service Mission

Roenter Cleaning Service Mission

Our mission is to create pristine and inviting spaces by providing top-tier janitorial and commercial cleaning services. Through meticulous attention to detail, modern cleaning techniques, and a dedicated team, we aim to transform workplaces into healthy, inspiring environments that reflect our commitment to excellence

Our Purpose

Enhance The Well-Being And Productivity Of Businesses And Organizations By Ensuring Their Physical Spaces Are Clean, Sanitized, And Organized. We Recognize That A Clean Environment Fosters Positivity, Improves Employee Morale, And Leaves A Lasting Impression On Clients And Visitors

Our Promise To Customers

We Promise To Be Your Trusted Partner In Maintaining The Cleanliness And Hygiene Of Your Commercial Spaces. We Pledge To Deliver Reliable, Efficient, And Top-Quality Cleaning Services That Not Only Meet But Exceed Your Expectations

Roenter cleaning Services Who We are!

Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority, And We Are Dedicated To Creating A Pristine Environment That Enhances The Success And Image Of Your Business

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Roenter cleaning Services Who We are!

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Other Services upon request

Appliance assembling upon request
Cobwebs cleaning services
Windows Cleaning Service
Pressure Cleaning services
Popcorn celling dusting
Post construction final clean
Make your house feel and look like a luxury home while we work within your budget.

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