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Deep Cleaning Services

First impressions make a difference when either Selling, renting, Moving in, or moving out of your home. A clean, fresh home is more attractive to prospective buyers and renters and can maximize your home's value.

That is why at Roenter Janitorial Services we provide spotless cleaning, creating first impressions to visitors while prioritizing best practices which eco-friendly cleaning.

Deep cleaning process

The process is simple for us as professionals because we have done it thousands of times, that doesn't it easy work, but we make the process simple.

Start with the kitchen, bathroom(s), and living areas. wipe down all surfaces, fixtures, and appliances to remove dirt and grime.

When dusting, don't forget hard-to-reach places like ceiling fans and light fixtures. Also dust off baseboards, vents, and trims.

Windows and mirrors allow natural light to fill up your space, so clean with a non-streak cleaner or mixture.

Try not to miss any spot, always use a guide, a checklist that will help you keep track of the work done.

Don't forget to clean window sills and screens.

Deep Cleaning Floor

If you have carpeted floors, consider professional steaming to remove stains and odors.

For hardwood, mop with the right cleaning solution to give floors some shine.


Roenter Janitorial Services is a leading of environmentally conscious Janitorial services in Palm Beach County.

We are certified bond and insured to better service you, when we send a team home, we want you to be confident that the job will be done safely, and if anything happens you are covered.

In case of an incident or if you are not happy with the team job we will schedule an appointment to make things right until we meet your expectations.

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