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House cleaning services prices Guide

If you have been doing business for a while, you might already have gone through the pain of how to price your house Cleaning job.

But in case you are new, just starting your house Cleaning business and you don't really know how to price your services. House cleaning services prices, Guide to best pricing jobs blog might help you understand pricing and how to come up with your own prices.

Are going through some tough times right now, If yes I understand, This blog will help with the strategy should use to come up with a price for a housecleaning job.

In one of my early blogs, I was talking about the Thumbtack pro app, where I was talking about this app that is ripping off new business owners.

I came to realize that the Thumbtack app has some issues but, the real problem was as a new cleaning business I didn't know how to price cleaning jobs.

House cleaning services prices

sometimes, it seems like everything is against you, you keep sending bids and no one ever chooses you.

It took me a long time to realize that, whatever business you're trying to start, there are a few things you need to know, like how to sell, which means how to tell your customers "Hey, I'm here choose me"

You need to not only know how to sell but also how to price your products or services.

That was always been a problem for me until I had to come up with a strategy on how to price my cleaning services.

you might say Well Stanley just give me the strategy, but don't worry I will give it to you, but also I have to tell you whatever strategy one business owner uses, it might not work for another one.

My strategy depends on which state you may work with no problem.

Strategy to price house Cleaning job

My strategy works very well but make sure to understand the cost of getting the job done.

A single-man show is not working the same as someone that owned a company with employees, and a building space.

the strategy goes like this, I created a starting price, some people have a $75 or $90 starting price. But my starting price is $100.

which means before I bid on a job or if I have to send a quote for any house Cleaning job, my price starts at $100, and building the price up depends on the size of the job.

For example for 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom, my price starts at $100 and $30 per bedroom, $15 per bathroom.

$100+1×30 +1×15=

That way before you bid or send a quote you already know, what is the overhead cost, how much you will pay your employees, equipment and materials, etc.

Let's say someone asks you for a quote, for a 3-bedroom house and 2 bathrooms, In no time you can come up with an estimate.

For a 3beds and 2 baths the math goes like this, $100+3×30+2×15=$220

Now depending on the condition of the house, you can renegotiate with the owner. But always make sure you work with your clients.

Don't get on the job site and find out you're going to lose money on the job and leave without doing the job, Don't do that.

I was listening to a podcast where they were talking about fighting with the money. "Don't fight with the money means" Don't fight with your customers.

The money that you are looking for it's in the customer's pocket, you have to always play nice to get the money.

in the house Cleaning industry, you will find some good people to work with, while some are just the devil.

Even when you find the worst person ever, don't fight with the money, find a way to make that customer happy, even after you never work with that customer again. But don't leave your customers hanging that can hurt your business for years and lose a lot of your future customers.

Price is always what will make a customer unhappy, by the way, everyone wants to get stuff done for free.

Don't fight with your customer over price, if the price is too high lower it until you can find an agreement.

However, if that customer will stay with you for a long time, you win big time.

And always calculate the LTV " Long Time Value " what the value of that customer is let's say that the customer keeps paying every month for 25 years.

What is more important in business, most successful business owners focus on LTV.

Let's say you have 100 customers staying with you for 10 years, even if they pay you $500/month that a $50000 you don't have to advertise for.

How to price a house Cleaning job and Profit

This strategy can help you price house Cleaning job and never lose money. You need to understand time, What is the estimated time your cleaners will take to clean a 3beds and 3 baths?

If the job can't be done in less than 3 hours you need to either have a cleaner that works faster or negotiate a higher price.

Besides paying your employees if you set up your business the right way, there are certain benefits you will need to provide to your employees.

A business should calculate all the costs associated with the business and charge the customer accordingly.

You are not the one in charge of paying for your company insurance, or work compensation. Your price for each job should be calculated accordingly.

The price should be included as well, labor, materials cost, and 30% net profits for the business, which means after paying your employees and materials you should be able to get at least 30%.

Don't forget at the end of the day, Uncle Sam is watching, and he's waiting for its tax money.

Make no mistakes, always pay your employees, and always pay your government tax.


Price house Cleaning job is a big challenge, most people quit because they can't figure out how to beat the competition.

The House Cleaning business is very competitive because it is a low-entre business. That's why House cleaning services prices, Guide to best pricing jobs is to help you better price and be profitable.

With less than $250 you can start a cleaning business and be profitable, If you don't learn how to price a house Cleaning job until you quit, you might never find your ideal client.

Should you you my price strategy and create your own price, Definitely but if you copy my price and apply it to your business as a disclaimer if it doesn't work for you, I'm not reliable for anything.

This blog was to educate you and help you get more ideas on how to price house Cleaning jobs.

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