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Should you have a marketing plan for your cleaning business?

Many cleaning business start up are working on luck, and hope. That happens most of the time because the business owner doesn't really know how to start a business the right way,  and they have an idea and take it to the market.

This is a good thing because that is what entrepreneurs do, they take action sometimes they do not even know what they are doing.

Most start-up business fails, the first time but the risk-takers keep on taking risk until something works.

Now if you have a cleaning services business, that means you're already in step 3 when it comes to starting a business.

Businesses start with the idea first, put it on paper, and start executing your idea.

But starting your business is not the problem,  the problem is to make it work,  start generating some revenue, then scale and grow to the next level.

In my last blog, I talked about when to invest if you
should invest in training and coaching programs for your cleaning business.
Check it out that may help you a little bit or maybe a lot you never know.

Marketing plan for cleaning business

It is necessary to have a marketing plan for your cleaning business before you start it.

A cleaning business is the lowest-cost startup business, which means you can start a cleaning business with less than $500.

From my experience, when I told my wife that we are going to start a cleaning business and she went, like, bab we have no money.

Deeply in debt because I spent all my money in 2020 on a marketing affiliate business that eat all my money.

Raised more than $80k in credit cards to fund my business and lost everything.

I spent $30k on advertising money that I got from the PPP loan program, but, because I didn't know what I was doing, I lost everything.

So, this blog is for you, who just starting a business, it doesn't matter if it's a cleaning service or e-commerce, or a brick-and-mortar business.

This blog can help you not make the same mistakes I made in 2020.

Business requires expertise in the field that you are entering but like I did in 2020, a lot of people start blindly and make all the mistakes and fail miserably.

To not fail, you will need to plan, especially when it comes to how you going to spend your money to grow.

Marketing is essential, no one will know that you exist if you don't have a marketing strategy that you are using to make people aware of your existence.

Talking about marketing they are several ways you can market yourself.

Before the internet,  before tv and radio, marketing used to be word of mouth, meet-ups, and paper advertisements, Don't get me wrong word of mouth is the best marketing strategy someone can use to market themselves.

Special for those who do not have a lot of money to spend on advertising. there's evidence that shows advertisements existed as long ago as 3000BC, Read this blog
advertisement through the age.
Around the year 1740, businesses used to market themselves in "Newspaper" I'm not that old but when someone needed a job we didn't have the internet, they had an ad section in the newspaper for job research.

After that, we had radio and TV ads, and when technology started to become more advanced in the year 1995 there we have a new way to market our business, Boom The internet.

Now, it's even easier to market your business but there are a lot of things that changed, but the way that advertised work hasn't changed much.

It will always be creativity and have a great copy,

To have a great ad you will need a great copywriter, if you choose to go the organic way,  you will need to be a great content creator.

Cleaning business, paid advertising, or organic traffic?

In the section below I will delve into the benefits of running ads for your cleaning business and the benefits of getting organic traffic. Type of marketing.
As you already know and I talk about them already,  there are 2 types of marketing.

We have paid media, which is where you go to an ad agency and paid them a fee to deliver your marketing message to your audience.

If you wonder what is my audience? I will talk about the audience in another blog, but today not, let's focus on the marketing part.

And after paid media, you have what they called organic traffic, which is what I'm doing right now, you're reading this just because I'm leveraging organic traffic.

Paid media vs Organic traffic which is more effective.

Both strategies are effective and both of them work well,  but if someone is looking for fast results,  it's preferable to choose paid media while you can use organic traffic also as a long-term strategy.
  1.  Organic traffic

Let's talk about organic, organic means traffic you get without investing money in ads.

It's not without investing because getting organic traffic it's not easy, it will require a lot of time and you need a strategy that works, and last you need to be creative.
Organic traffic consists of having:
  • A website
  • Building a strong social media presence
  • Have a YouTube account

A. Website

A website is a way to get organic traffic using SEO" Search Engine Optimization ", which gets traffic from Google, Bing, and other search engines.

Most people, until they quit never understand why and what a website is for.

Websites are very powerful ways to get organic traffic through SEO,  if you have a website and don't know how to leverage it to get free traffic,  it is a complete waste of money.

Learn how to leverage paid and organic traffic to grow your business
click here to get started.
The use of a website helps you build trust and help your clients to learn more about your products or services.

That's why it is very important to have an SEO-optimized website for your cleaning business. If you need assistance with building your website let me know, and I will help you.

And also you should learn how to use it properly,  because not knowing what a website is for, means you won't get any traffic from Google for your business.

Before someone hires your cleaning business for a job there's a high chance that this person will do a quick search on Google.

B. Building a strong social media presence

It's a must to have brand awareness, if you're serious about building a strong brand or a profitable business to have all your business social media account ready to go for business.
Most people have all their social media accounts and not only their profiles are not set up properly, and they keep posting stuff that has nothing to see with their business.

Here's how I have my Facebook account set up "
Roenter janitorial services" and Instagram Roenter Janitorial Services and also my youtube channel Roenter.
So some of these accounts I don't really focus on them, because I more focus on blogging and it's ok to focus on one thing and make it work before jumping to something else.

But you need all your account ready to go, by the way when you visit my social media accounts follow and let me know that you read my blog, I will appreciate that.

C. Have a youtube account

As I showed you I have a youtube for this business but also I have 2 other youtube accounts and one that I'm managing for my Son, who's only 7 years old.
You can check his channel
here and also his Facebook page remember to give him a like and follow him.
The reason you need your youtube account and not only youtube all video platforms, like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, interest, etc.

In marketing, there's what they call repurpose content, which means, you can create a youtube video, and post the video on all these platforms.

Then create a short from that video, and post it as short on youtube, as a reel on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest even tweeter.


You can see that have not answered the question yet "Should you have a marketing plan for your cleaning business?", if you read this blog through, you should already have the answer.
But for those who don't really take time to read, the answer is yes definitely you should have a marketing plan for your cleaning business.

Whatever type of marketing you want to use, you will need a marketing plan.

In case you want to learn more about marketing, learn how to write ad copy, and scale your business fast,
click here and watch this video.

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