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Residential deep cleaning services

Do you feel ashamed when looking for cleaning service and the company asks what type of cleaning are you looking for and don't know what to say?

Most of my customers don't understand the difference between standard cleaning and deep cleaning services. The other day someone that I had scheduled for a cleaning service went to my website and checked what I have in my service description.

She texted her daughter and told her that she didn't know why I put move-out deep cleaning and move-in deep cleaning and she cain't find where I cleaned for people who lived in the house.

When I decide that I will talk about the deep cleaning services process, and explain to my customers what is included in a deep cleaning and what is included in a standard cleaning.

If you are confused as well, don't worry because in this blog you will learn how to make a difference.

Residential deep cleaning services In west palm beach Florida

If you are live in palm beach Florida area and looking for cleaning, Roenter Clean LLC provides all type of cleaning services residential and commercial cleaning to all residents in the palm beaches.

Now let go back to residential deep cleaning services.

Deep cleaning is a little more detailed than standard cleaning, not only does it take more time but the cost also is different.

We charge at least $100 more on deep cleaning versus standard cleaning.

Why the price is different?

There are many reasons, the first reason is it takes more time to deep-clean a house, and we check more things in a deep cleaning than in a standard cleaning.

Residential deep cleaning

This is what we clean in our residential deep cleaning service:

  1. Oven inside and out: We deep clean the oven and clean behind remove all debris, sweep and mop, and put it back in its place.
  2. Fridge inside and out: We don't cut corners we clean, most people don't know that on top of their fridge can store a lot of dust. And sometimes behind the fridge can be so dirty.
  3. Fans, most people never pay attention to their fans, Most people's houses we deep clean we always see the same thing. Their fans are so dirty and guest it blowing dust all over the house and wonder why their house can't stay cleaned.
  4. Ac vent: One of my clients spent years with her AC and never changed the filter. The dust built up in that house was crazy
  5. Windows inside: I hate to say this but some people never pay attention to their windows and when rent drops build up in their windows they expect me to do some magic and clean them. I'm sorry I have not found the magic yet.
  6. Baseboard: we clean the baseboard around the whole house when we deep-clean residential. Most people can't or don't like to clean baseboards because it is a lot of bend and a lot of work.
  7. Cabinets: To know the condition of your kitchen take a ladder and check your cabinet top. If it is not dusty and greasy, that means you did a great job keeping your home clean otherwise call us now. We will deep clean your house for you or visit Getcleaned.roenter.com
  8. Deep clean all bathrooms: we make sure all bathrooms are spotless, clean all the glasses, sinks, behind the toilet bowls, and shower glasses
  9. Clean under the beds and behind dressers
  10. Clean closet, Yeah the closets sometimes are neglected by homeowners, we clean that too with our residential deep cleaning services.

And, plus everything that we regularly do in a standard cleaning, like dusting, sweeping, and, mopping all areas in the house.

Residential deep cleaning services in Palm Beach County

If you are moving to a new home or just renovating your home and looking for a professional cleaning company to clean your home, don't hesitate to call us.

We provide:

Deep cleaning and standard cleaning at an affordable price, we guarantee good cleaning and we will deep clean and maintain your home by providing you with weekly, biweekly, or monthly cleaning.


Residential deep cleaning services are for people who do not really take time to keep their homes clean. Last week we went to do a deep cleaning and the house was so dirty, the AC busted dust in all the ceilings and spiderwebs built up all over the house.

All the walls were covered with dust, and the whole house was nasty. But after 3 hours of cleaning, we finally made that homeowner happy.

Are moving to Florida? If yes, call us we will clean your home and give you extra time to take care of what matters the most to you. Visit roenter website to request a quote.

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