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Benefits of Post-construction cleaning services

Why is it important to hire a post-construction cleaning services provider to do a final site cleaning before moving into your new home?

Everyone knows how much dust is left behind after construction or a home renovation, it could take months of cleaning before getting all the dust-out.

However, dust that stays too long in a home can cause several issues like difficulty breathing, allergies, etc.

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Who Am I to talk about post-construction cleaning?

I started my company not long ago, which will depend on when you are reading this blog about post-construction cleaning. Summer 2023 is when I choose to launch my cleaning business.

After telling one of my friends that I would start a cleaning business, surprisingly my pastor, who is an electrician and construction contractor, was renovating a home for a lady.

When he asked my friend, his nephew, if he knew someone who could clean. My friend remembered that I told him that I was going to start a cleaning business, referred me to his uncle, and, he called me.

That time I knew nothing about pricing and I sent my wife, she saw the place and gave that lady a price which was $360 for 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

This is how we got our first post-construction job and the second job that I found again was a post-construction. The second house was so dirty, and had so much dust before they painted the house she decided to hire a post-construction company.

Just to tell this is how I started, that time I didn't think of a name yet for my business

Post-construction cleaning services for homeowners

Now, let's talk about the Benefits of Post-construction cleaning services for homeowners.

Post-construction is different from regular cleaning or deep cleaning, companies don't approach them the same way.

We know how much dust construction company leaves behind and we know how to get them, trust me when I say we know where they are hidden we know.

In the last six month, we do more post construction and homeowners love our work because we always make sure we remove all dust before they move into their home.

We use proper equipment that can reach all dust easily and remove it from any surface that is hidden, like on top of the cabinets, on the baseboards, on the door sills, etc.

I do a lot of deep cleaning as well, and I see dust that are at some places since the construction time and trust me after years it is not easy to get them out.

Specially in the kitchen when they mix with grease, only a professional cleaner can get them out with the right chemical.

Post-construction cleaning company in palm beach county

If you live in palm beach county or you are moving from the north to the palm beach county, and you are looking for a reliable cleaning service, there's no other to call Roenter Janitorial Services

We clean around Palm Beach County from Jupiter Florida to Boca Raton Florida. We care for our clients and we always do a great job. Check our reviews on Google reviews and on thumbtack where most of our customers rate our services.

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We bring all the tools and equipment required to do the job right. I'm not bragging but our clients say that our girls do a great job, and that is why they always call us back because my girls do a great job.

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Construction cleaning services

When looking for a post-construction cleaning for your new home, make sure that the company has coverage. If something happens while they are cleaning your brand new property that you invested a lot of money in, you won't left with any damage or broking stuff that you will have to spend money fixing after.

It is always better to read some reviews about that company and see who's the owner. What the owner is doing is because some people are hiding behind their brand and scam people nowadays.

Also, I see on Next-door that some scammers use other companies that you used before to scam other people. That's why is good to look for referrals or do your research before hiring a company.

I have read a story where a homeowner stated that scammers called a company that they have an appointment with and showed with another company that the homeowners never do business with.

It's risky to let people into your home in this technology time, people can show up in your home and install cameras to watch what you are doing.

Nobody is safe in the world nowadays but a little research can save you a lot. and I know for sure you heard some similar stories also.

That is why hiring a cleaning company requires a little more caution because the cleaners can access all places in your home while they are cleaning.


This short blog was about Post post-construction cleaning services and how that service can help you a lot when moving to your new home.

You can clean your home by yourself if that is the route anyone chooses but that can take a lot of your time.

People say that time is money which is a lie because time is more important than money. This is why we come and clean your home while we give you extra time to have fun or more important things in your life.

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