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Post-construction cleaning company

Roenter Janitorial Services provides post-construction cleaning and provides recurring after-construction and move-in cleaning as well.

We work with a lot of construction contractors and most of them are pleased with our work provided, this is why, in this blog, I will take time to talk about my experiences.

Most of our contracts are moved-out cleaning and post-construction cleaning, yes we know how to treat dust very well if you ask.

Post construction cleaning

This kind of cleaning is harder than any other kind of cleaning service, you must be lucky if the house you are cleaning already has the AC system working. That means sweat and dust will mix and you already know the result.

And the other problem is while you are cleaning, the construction workers might be working as well depending on the situation, there is nothing you can do this is how it is.

This is the reverse of our slogan, we clean and they keep making more messes, so we will have to clean again, sometimes a third time which is annoying.

Some contractors may ask you to do a first clean because some construction guys are so messy, they don't clean up after themself, and dust is everywhere.

The purpose of the first cleaning is to make the construction workers' environment a little more clean so they can work safely.

Before the contractor gives the house key to the owner as a final touch the house should be cleaned, after all appliances and everything installed.

Even though there is more cleaning to do, if you are a post-contraction cleaning company, make a plan to meet with the homeowner because they might need you to come back and clean multiple times.

Always let the homeowners know that for all the dust to disappear the house needs to be cleaned again and again.

Why did that happen? Some places have dust that no one can see, and when the AC is running, it blows all the dust in the home.

This is why it is important to have multiple cleaning sessions.

Post-construction cleaning services

When providing post-construction cleaning services, the cleaning company has to know what they are doing, to not damage or scratch the paint in the house.

However, not taking preliminary precautions may end up you the cleaning company responsible for scratching the paint in the house.

This has happened to us before and quickly realized that some dusting job may require not only someone with experience but some who care.

Scratching the painting in the house or scratching a brand new window that they just put in may drop you into some hot water.

Responsible for stuff you can't even afford, just to say. If you are a post-construction company hire professionals and people who care to work in the job.

Homeowners also need to hire a qualified cleaning company to do the job and provide good quality services. Roenter janitorial services provide this service throughout Palm Beach County, Florida. Just contact us and in less than 24 hours we will schedule your cleaning service.

Post-construction cleaning prices

The price for post-construction services is not like pricing a residential or standard cleaning, first of all, the same post-construction cleaning may require more people to do than a standard cleaning.

The time to cleaning may take longer due to the amount of work required, and how much dust is inside that house.

If you are looking for advice on how to do post-construction cleaning effectively this blog may be very helpful for you.

Also, some jobs require a man to do them, for post construction clean up try to send some man who cares to do the job.

Charge enough so you can have enough to pay your employees a higher pay that way they won't leave in the middle of the job.

Post-construction window cleaning

This recently happened, I was a sub in post-construction cleaning and the contractor brought his brother, that way he could help them make some money, but it seemed that his brother had never done that window cleaning before.

Guess what, after cleaning two windows, not even cleaning them well, he said the job was too hard and left before even cleaning the second window.

Most of the time windows in post-construction are brand new windows and these windows can't be washed with any solution, you need to have the right chemical for the job.

If you get a contract for a post-construction and the contract includes windows, don't let a newbie do the windows.

It is better to take precautions than get sued by the homeowner, for messing up his property after spending a lot of money to build or renovate.


Most customer will tell you what kind of chemical to use to clean their brand new, just put in the laminated floor or marble countertop.

Some customers are really picky, and really annoying sometimes and the customer who hired you expects the cleaning services provider to provide quality service.

This is why at Roenter Janitorial Services we use only envirox products, a solution that is approved by the EPA and Green certified and also that is safe for pets and kids and the environment.

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