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Office cleaning checklist

Are you looking for an office cleaning checklist? If yes, welcome to Reonter office cleaning checklist blog.

We are a Janitorial and commercial cleaning company in the heart of Palm Beach County Florida. We provide cleaning services to businesses elevating professional image, and boosting employee morale.

In this blog office cleaning checklist, I talk about how to create your own cleaning checklist or deep cleaning checklist for offices.

We not only do cleaning but also help other cleaning business owners grow and take their businesses to the next level using our experience and expertise.

Without further do, let's get started.

Create an office cleaning checklist.

To create a checklist first you will need to do a site visit and understand what needs to be done, most office are different and requires different expertise.

However, After seeing the project, it's time to create your checklist you will have a better idea. Should you have a start checklist that you can modify each time you have a new project? The answer is, yes!

Office cleaning checklist Technique

  1. Start from the left to the right
  2. Create a group and give each group a task.

Start from the left to the right

Let's go over the first step, which is to start from the left to the right strategy.

When cleaning an office, you must assume everything is dirty even if they not, that is why starting from point A to finish In point B or start from left to right" use the lingo that works for you" is very important.

Do not assume that something is already cleaned, and do not assume that something is not dirty, when cleaning using this checklist keep in mind that everything is dirty.

Always mark the point that you started and make to finish in that same mark, and repeat the process for each Room.

Create a group and give each group a task

Let say you are responsible to a large building and you don't want to missed anything, because missing one spot can result in your customer not happy and it might required to return and finish the job.

Divide your team into groups can help you create a better plan and get the job done and keep your customers happy.

Let's say you have different toilets and restroom to clean, give the team A in charge of all toilet, sink, and mirror floor in all bathrooms.

Team B will be in charge of dusting, wiping, and removing desks and chairs to prepare the place for Team C who will come and broom and mop put desks and chairs in their original position, and turn off the light behind.

Should the business owner check if the job is done right before leaving the place? of course yes.

As a business owner, you have to make sure anything you work with a customer, anytime that customer needs this service again you are the first person that comes to mind.

Your responsibility as a business owner is to ensure quality services, if you are in this business to make money for sure you will fail big time.

If you don't provide quality services and your clients are not happy with your performance, probably you will lost that customer.


Now you have the knowledge necessary, let's reviews some marketing techniques and other areas that will help you grow your business exponentially.

A janitorial company is easy to operate, it's all about provide quality services. If you provide top-notch services, then your customers will stick with you forever.

If you didn't know it requires an enormous amount of time to acquire services for business, some offices have a whole contacting staff, with officers and all decision-makers.

They have to request proposals, request quotes from different vendors compare quotes and choose the best one, write contracts, etc.

The process could take months, and businesses don't want to go through that process very often, this is why we provide quality services because we understand the process at Roenter Janitorial services

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