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Roenter Janitorial night cleaning services

Roenter Janitorial provides night cleaning services in the Palm Beach County area. We are the leading service provider of environmentally conscious janitorial services based in the Palm Beach area.

If you are looking for a night cleaning service that you can trust with all your belongings, Roenter Janitorial Services has a qualified team that cares and is ready to make your space spotless.

Ready to experience spotless cleaning? Call or email us your RFQ, and we will reply in less than 48 hours.

Night cleaning services

Why use night cleaning services?

If you wonder why use cleaning services at night? Then in this blog, I will answer this question clearly so you can understand the benefit of a night cleaning crew.

While you're home having fun with your family, our night cleaning crew is working to create a better environment for your employees, your clients, and visitors

There are a couple of reasons why cleaning services happen overnight. I have been working overnight for 12 years and one of the reasons some people are scheduled at night is because.

Some work can't be done during working hours, for example, vacuuming the carpet, wiping down shelves and office desks, dusting, etc.

Let's say you have a restaurant that needs to be cleaned, this job can't be done while the chef cooks are around. Because the flattops, conventional oven, and Salamander need to be off before cleaning.

For some other equipment that is not regularly cleaned like restaurant filters, the floor needs to be cleaned while no other people are around.

Cleaning Services at night

Most of the time night cleaning using noisy machines that can disturb others, let's say you have a project to clean kitchen mats, and most of the time they require hot pressure water.

All the machines that are used to get the job done are loud, some are very loud like floor machines, vacuum cleaners, pressure washing machines, and even floor scrubbers or buffers are very loud.

To have the time to get the job done correctly, no one can be at work at the building except if the other jobs are related to cleaning.

From my years of experience in daytime cleaning, they do light-duty work, like janitorial work, however, the night cleaning crew always has all the heavy and deep cleaning service done.


Night cleaners most of the time use, strong chemical that can deal with heavy greases, like in the kitchen if cleaning a greasy flattop or in a carpeted office with heavy stains that requires steam cleaning.

It is imperative to do all the deep cleaning at night, for example, work that requires moving furniture, etc. In case you are a restaurant owner looking for someone to clean your place overnight.

Reach out to us and we provide restaurant cleaning, overnight office deep cleaning, and retail store or industrial cleaning.

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