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Make extra earnings while working in the Janitorial Services

A way to earn income online while promoting or selling the products of other companies that you are already using in your Janitorial cleaning services.

Using affiliate marketing to make extra, while working in the Janitorial services is a great way to grow and scale your business faster.

If you struggle to get customers and it feels like those big companies that promise to get you leads ripped you off, don't get discouraged, because I have been there.

In this marketing side hustle, a fellow has to promote the products or advertisements of the seller so that you will get money in return.

Revenue sharing is the key strategy behind affiliate marketing. 

How does it work?

Three different parties play their role in affiliate marketing which are.

  • Seller
  • The Affiliate
  • Customer or consumer.

The seller is the one who brings products to the market for selling. However, an affiliated person markets the outcome of a seller, where customers buy it for themselves.

Furthermore, for those who want to earn money online with or without investing, Affiliate marketing is the best way to generate income online. 

Relationship of advertiser and affiliate. 

Affiliate marketing is promoting the products of suppliers whose customers buy them through affiliates who assist them. 

A seller makes a sale through affiliate marketing while the affiliate gets paid by the supplier's commission.

The affiliate firstly signs up for an email or service and earns money, which will benefit both the advertiser and the affiliate. 

How to Start Affiliate Marketing while running a Janitorial service business?

The same process used to market your janitorial cleaning services is the same way to market any business, either online or offline.

Creating a blog and website should be your priority before you start marketing your business. If you work hard in this, you will become a successful businessperson in online work. 

Some people who don't have money or have less money can start making income online by generating blogs for themselves. 

Yes, it's true. Leverage other people's products or services that are already selling to make money to scale and grow your janitorial services.

Create a Social Media Presence.

Being an affiliate doesn't mean you should start blogging straight away. A person should be active online and should have connections with lots of people.

You can work with other people who work online and can earn money while promoting their products. 

There are many online platforms through which affiliates can generate income for themselves. These platforms are Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Quora, Twitter, and many more. 

Furthermore, you can take the links of others and merge them into your posts and see the consequences. This method of generating money will be easier than earning your janitorial services. 

Affiliates should follow the roles and regulations told by sellers and then should start their work. 

Leverage Facebook and Instagram

Facebook is the most famous and most prominent social media platform that billions of people use. You have to make an account and start promoting the products of the seller. 

You can share the posts of products or services that people will see and buy them. In this way, you will get paid by the supplier, and the supplier will sell his product. 

But an essential thing should be your interest in anything. An affiliate should have the ability to attract more and more audiences to the product. He should know about marketing and how to sell the products of someone else online. 

Leverage YouTube.

YouTube is a place where anyone can share videos of services or products, it would help if you had more subscribers who could visit your channel frequently.

YouTube has millions of users and people from all walks of life are there to have fun and also looking for products or services to buy.

It would help if you created a specific YouTube channel on which you have to share the videos of the products you want to promote. 

It is highly advised to stay in your niche which means, if you are running a janitorial services company, promoting other products or services related to your niche will give you advantages.

You will not get too much recognition initially, but you will get more viewers and visitors with time. If you keep posting valuable videos, you will have more remembrance. 


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