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Launching Your Own Residential Window Cleaning Service with Limited Funds

From Side Hustle to Success, the step-by-step strategy and tactic to Launching Your Own Residential Window Cleaning Service with Limited Funds.

Cleaning businesses in general do not require a lot of money to start, whether you're trying to start a residential cleaning service, a residential window cleaning service, a pressure washing business, or even a janitorial or commercial cleaning business.

Most of the people who are thinking about starting a business, focus more on the obstacles, than they focus on what they need to succeed.

While most of the things that you're thinking about right now, you don't need them to start.

Launching your own residential window cleaning service

If you're serious about launching your own residential cleaning service, this step by step guide will help you start and become successful in that industry.

However, this is not without sacrificing something. You will need to do the required work, these steps can not be outsourced.

If you are serious, let get started

This is a brief description of what we are going to discus in this blog.

Step 1 . is to Plan Your residential window cleaning Business

  1. Set up your goals
  2. Make a plan

The first step is really necessary, Decide decide why you want to start your business. Your why is what going to keep you in the game when things get hard, and don't get me wrong from experience I can tell you.

This is a secret, the secret is things going to get hard. sometime you will want to quit and go back to your job, but you why will keep you on the fight.

Everyone who succeed has a why and if you ask them you will see that the why is what keep them, even they fail but they keep going.

Your why might be, to quit your job someday or make extra money, or retired early with enough money in your bank account.

It could be leaving a legacy for your children or create a legacy that goes on like, KFC, Mcdonald, Walmart or Apple technology.

Make a simple plan

Planning is very important, in whatever you do if you start with a plan surely you will succeed and let see what the Bible says about planning.

Proverb 16:9 says: the plan of a diligent lead surely to abundance, but everyone who is hasty comes only to poverty.

A plan can help you in many ways, this is mostly like your due diligence. Find out what kind of equipment you ming need(do not start buying equipment before your start)

Your plan will help you choose your target audience or your market. Who are you willing to serve, what is their age, what is their income bracket, or where they live?

And also your plan can help you tract your success, if in time something is not working accordingly you can always change or modify your plan

Step 2. Get the basic for your residential window cleaning service

This is a very important part in starting a business, this step has a lot of emotion on it but how to start your business and not spending unnecessary money on this step.

Because your comeptitor is using something that doesn't mean you will need that. my story goes like this.

When I started my cleaning business, I went to a local janitorial supplies store and talked to the owner, and, one thing that he told me that was so true was that there were a lot of new business owners they came and bought ten of thousands worth of equipment and he never sees them again.

This is just to tell you, start with what is necessary equipment.

What is necessary? Launching Your Own Residential Window Cleaning Service with Limited Funds you will need a bucket, a squeegee, and some soap.

Launching Your Own Residential Window Cleaning Service requires a bucket, some squeegees, microfiber towels, and some soap, this is all you need to start.

Step 3. Start small

Before you know how to price your service you will struggle a lot, but don't worry. Charge minimum and ask your client for reviews after that.

when I first start, I didn't have any reviews on google and I work for some clients for $15 hr and I did great job and ask them for reviews on google.

And this strategy works well for me.

Market your business

This is the most important part of starting a business that will succeed, marketing is the most important driver in any business.

Most of the time people who know how to sell or do better marketing become successful faster.

I will not stay to long in the marketing ting because marketing is large and I have other blogs talking about that, you can check my other blog to learn more or become a master in marketing yourself and build a successful business in the next 10 to 12 months.

watch this quick video to learn about how to master marketing

Manage your time

One of the biggest enemies of most new business owners is time. Knowing how to manage your time can be a huge advantage for you.

At the beginning of your business your organizational chart will look like this picture below.

This is the real life of a new business owner, and that stays until you have enough jobs to hire help. But the purpose of this blog is not only to help you start but grow you business as fast as possible.

But to guide you, managing time is a skill and you can learn it while you're getting busy working in your business. it hard and more your business grows harder it will become.

When you first launch

Grow gradually your windows cleaning business

Success doesn't walk fast, especially at the beginning of the stage. After getting a couple of sales and making your first $10k, than $20k and than after that $100k

It might take longer to get to $20k than it will take to get to $100k. Before you can get to a certain income level, there a some personal growth that is required. You will need to become the person that can handle the success.

After making a certain amount you will need to start delegating, you will need to leverage other people's talents and skills so you can focus on what matters most to grow your business. Groth is not happening like this, the business owner has to grow before the business can grow.

Creating a system that can help you manage your success is necessary, you can't grow your business over $20k without having a system.

You will need different systems, like a payroll system, a management system, a scheduling system etc. You will need also, a CRM that will help you manage your customer list.

Be reliable

Be consistent on delivering quality services, your performance or ability to provide excellent service will help your customers to trust you and refer you to their friend and family.

I have received calls from customers and when I ask them how they find my number and tell me names that I never remember I met before.

It is essential, if you provide great service you will have the opportunity to ask your customers for reviews.

Ask for reviews

Some customers before they book your service will google or go on Facebook to look for your business and what others say about your service.

People trust good reviews, and if you have great reviews on Google, Facebook, thumbtack, or Angie you will likely have a great opportunity to get some more clients organically along the way.


You have the necessary steps to Launching Your Own Residential Window Cleaning Service with Limited Funds. Applying these step and strategy will help you start and grow your business in no time.

Remember, these steps may help you along the way but what you will learn by working on your business will be mind-blowing.

The best way to learn is by doing, now if you read through, just trust yourself and take action. Doers always succeed but procrastinators never make it because all the do is drift around until they disqualify themself.

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