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Janitorial services in west palm beach

When it comes to janitorial services in West Palm Beach, you want to work with a professional company that guarantees safe results.  

At Roenter janitorial services we use eco-friendly products that are safe for kids, pets, and the environment.

Choosing the right man for the job might be challenging, after the pandemic in 2020 everything changed and the cleaning method also changed. Not a lot of cleaners know about all the new rules in the cleaning industry, but we do!

That is why having a clean environment is beneficial for both households and commercial, and we are qualified to serve you, help your business stay clean, and be attractive to clients.

The meaning of cleaning might be different from one person to another, however, companies must have a cleaning service checklist to make sure all tasks are followed accordingly.

Due to the humidity and moisture in Florida during the summer, you need to hire the best company to make sure all your janitorial services and maintenance are been met safely and effectively.

Janitorial services in West Palm Beach checklist

In this blog about janitorial services in West Palm Beach, I will talk a little bit about the scope of work, what to expect, and what needs to be done.

Hiring this kind of service not only saves you time and money but also benefits your employer and customers from health issues from operating in a place that is not well taken care of or not clean.

This is why besides the regular cleaning services, we also offer an eco-friendly package where we use eco-friendly products that are safe for kids, pets, and the environment

Janitorial services scope of work

The janitorial checklist shall be performed according to the business owner's need or want, depending on the volume of activity happening in the area, some places with high traffic will need to be cleaned more often than other

This is a daily, weekly, biweekly, and monthly checklist that will need to be performed accordingly

The checklist should be posted in the common area, where janitorial services contractor employees can get access to it on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

The business owner or supervisor needs to check if all requirements are met and sign the checklist as a form of satisfaction with work.

Scope of work


Trash Removal
(2x weekly)
Empty all trash/waste baskets from all offices,
common areas and restrooms and remove all trash
from the facility for pick up in dumpster or provided
service at the facility. Replace liner in each trash receptacle.
Removal includes any accumulated full bags that are no longer
in the waste baskets.
Floor Maintenance (2x weekly)Sweep, dust / damp / wet mopping, dry buffing, and spray buffing as required. Move and replace chairs and trash receptacles to their original position.
(2x weekly)
Vacuum all carpets and hard surfaced floors, upholstered furniture, windowsills, restroom facilities, entryways, common areas, and storage closets to remove all dust, debris, cobwebs, and visible particles including edges of carpets and baseboards and spot clean stains as needed with chemical cleaner.
Hard Surface Cleaning
(2x weekly)
Damp mop all ceramic, tile, or vinyl tile areas with an appropriate chemical cleaner. All non-carpeted floors shall be cleaned and maintained in accordance with the PWS.
Cleaning of Restrooms
(2x weekly)
Clean and disinfect all restroom fixtures with environmentally friendly chemical disinfectant clean and disinfect all floors, toilets and sinks so no encrustation or water rings are present. Furnish restroom supplies as required.
Spot Cleaning Windows
(2x weekly)
Includes removal of fingerprints or smears on glass entrance doors and interior glass in between window cleanings and surfaces that are highly noticeable including furniture or doors.
Sweep and Mop Floor (2x Weekly)Sweep and mop entire surface of restrooms. Grout on wall and floor tiles shall be free of dirt, mildew, scum, and residue
Servicing/ Resupplying Restrooms
(2x Weekly)
Inspect, replenish, and clean supply dispensers. Restrooms must be stocked Use 100% recycled paper hand towels, 100% recycled toilet tissue and environmentally friendly soap (hand, liquid, or foam)
Drinking Fountains
( 2x weekly)
Drinking fountain – clean and disinfect all porcelain and polished metal surfaces, including the cabinet, percolator orifices and drains. The drinking fountain shall be free from stains, spots, smudges, scale, and obvious soil.
(Once per Month)
Dust all surfaces, including chairs, desks, cabinets, furniture, windowsills, and blinds, to include mini blinds baseboards, woodwork, HVAC vents, light fixture lens, or any surface where dust may collect and is visible to the eye.
Clean Glass Surfaces
(Once per Month)
All interior and exterior window surfaces (weather permitting 38 degrees or above) must be cleaned inside and out with an appropriate cleaner leaving no streaks, working around window stenciled signage that may be present.

Monthly Services

Wash Trash Receptacles
(Once per month)
Dirty trash containers shall be washed inside and out and shall be odor free
De-scale Toilet Bowls and Urinals
(Once per Month)
Toilet bowls and urinals shall be de-scaled in order to remove any accumulated hard deposits.
Change HVAC Filters
(Once per Quarter)
Change filter in HVAC unit in the office.
Clean HVAC Intakes
(Once per Quarter)
Clean HVAC return, diffuser, and grilles.
Carpet Cleaning
Twice per year; (April
& October) or as scheduled in advance Must be performed after normal working hours.
Only the high-performance hot water extraction systems commonly called “Steam Cleaning” shall be used. High traffic areas and troublesome spots should be pretreated. The process consists of spraying a chemical cleaning solution with water into the pile and using a powerful vacuum, recovering the solution and soil into a holding tank.
Should only be done by a truck mounted unit outside the facility with only the hose and wand brought
inside. No “Rug Doctor Machines” or this type of machine is acceptable for use.
Caution: Water/Steam Temperatures should never exceed 120 ̊F. Do not allow foot traffic on the carpet until it is dry. Place fans on wet areas during cleaning and allow carpets to dry as long as possible. Complete procedure with a thorough pile lifting.
High Dusting/Cleaning
(Once per year in October)
leaning horizontal and vertical surfaces above 6’ from floor level including all overhead piping and ceiling areas.

Clean light: Globes, reflectors, covers, diffusers, and plastic side panels shall be removed and washed.

Once Per year: Cleaning and reassembling, light fixtures shall be free of bugs, dirt, dust, grease and other foreign matter.


If you want to experience a spotless cleaning and want to have extra time to make memories with your friends and family while, we're doing our job, feel free to contact us or request a quote from Roenter.com

We will be happy to work with you and help you achieve at the highest level your dream, we care for our clients and treat them like family.

Our employees are trained Kobe the best at what they do, follow instructions accordingly to make sure we achieve better results and stay compliant with all national laws.

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