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How to create a short video for YouTube

Do you want to learn how to create a short video for YouTube, and not know where and how to start?

In this blog, I will talk about how to effectively craft your best shorts for your YouTube channel and make your shorts go viral.

Most people make long form videos and cut them into one minute for promotional, entertainment, or fun reasons, but do not put any effort and do not respect any rules of short creation, I don't blame them this is exactly how I started.

I used to create a video on my phone, cut it into '60s videos, and post it on all social media platforms like Facebook Reels, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and Ticktok shorts.

Also this is what content creators call repurpose content, create one piece long form of content, chop it and publish it on all social media platforms.

If you are in that stage right now, keep reading because I'm going to share some useful information about short.

Shorts Video

Shorts are the most popular on all video platforms, Whether you are a fan of Facebook or Instagram Reels, TikTok, or YouTube, most of these platforms allow shorts.

A 60-second video, that the digital creator creates can be used to either educate, entertain, or even advertise a product or services.

Shorts form videos are not only uploaded on the social media platform as just a video, but also when you make it right it can be considered as a piece of digital real estate. If you wonder what is a piece of real estate?

Real estate is used to create passive income, which means you can create shorts today and make money from that short for the rest of your life.

However, shorts are making a lot of money right now, either check on TikTok Bella Poarch, or on YouTube Alan Chikin. These people are making millions on these platforms using short videos.

How to create a short video

Creating a short video is simple, but requires a lot of attention. If someone wants to succeed in creating videos as a business or side hustle, they will need to follow some influencers out there who are already successful at it.

What every single detail and learn how they make their video go viral, without that aspect you might be created 1000s of videos and none of them really take off.

Even if it is a short video but the video has to deliver a message, with your followers.

Formula to create a short video

Here is a simple but very powerful formula to create shorts or videos in general", the create a shorts video you will need:


Remember, this is your chance to make a great first impression. It happens in the first few seconds and sets the tone for what comes next.

Your hook could be a question, a promise, or a visual


The value is the main content, it is the meat. What you are going to teach your viewer or what you are going to discuss in your video.

Call to action or CTA

The call to action is what you want your viewer to do next, either, like, comment or subscribe. Or if you're doing affiliate marketing and want your viewer to check the description of your video and take a particular action.

Your viewer is like babies and you have to tell them what to do even if some already have an idea, what coming next.

CTA allows you to connect with your viewers, guide them, and help them stay connected with you longer.

Create your first YouTube short

If you never create a real video, I challenge you today.

3 years ago I paid a coaching program and my coach asked me to make video for social media. That time they guide me on how to create and organized all my social media accounts and now it's time to action.

Each time we have a meeting, he asked me if I started making videos yet, guest what I did, I lie to him. Until one day I went you know what, I paid for the coaching program and if I don't do what they asked me to do I will failed.

So, I started making video, the first, second, and third one was bad so I deleted them. He gave me a 14 day challenge and guest what my 14th video was better.

This is why if you are reading this blog this far, I will challenge you, to start a 14th day video and make one video each day. Watch the video and see where you can improve fix the mistake and start over.

Start posting your shorts video

during your 14th day challenge, post some of your video on social media, and I know what you are thinking what now because I was there.

Don't worry no one will come with a sticks to bit you have, you will surprise how your viewer will advice you on what to improve.

However, don't get me wrong you might have a few haters but don't focus on them. Focus on the positive side and you will succeed.

Keep posting you shots video

Find some YouTube that you like and watch how they do their video and mimic them. No one start as a pro, most people copy, adjust and make it their one until they can create their own and become a professional in time.

Get video on what to do and anytime you get a fresh idea from a video, write it down.

Create a video each day even you don't post it, but you will be surprise how fast you can develop some good skill. Like video editing skill, communication skill, know when and how to post and engage to your viewers.

Schedule your shorts video

You might have heard about consistency, YouTube and all other platform like consistency because they know how the algorithm favor consistent people.

It is a challenge but, if you are consistent not only the algorithm will favor your contents but your viewers as well will learn about your schedule and come and watch your video each time you post them.

Find the schedule that works for you and stick to it.

Outsource your shorts video

Don't pay someone on Fiver or Upwork to create videos for you until you get good at creating your own. By the way, it's not recommended to let other people create your shorts.

Your viewers come to your channel because of you, if you paid someone to create your shorts you will certainly lose most of your viewers.

What you can do, is create the shorts and let someone else do the video editing and the posting for you after you start making a lot of money on your shorts video.


people are making a lot of money right now with shorts or video content and that is what they call today time digital real estate. Have you ever heard about digital real estate?

If you do not know what is digital real estate, watch this video, and to understand the concept make sure you watch the whole video.

Also, I have some good book recommendations if you want to succeed check my book section on my product page or click here to get one of the most recommended books that will help you in the process.

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See you at the top!

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