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The best way to clean a moldy fridge

Let's say your fridge is always packed with food and one day you check and see your fridge is full of mold. What should you do, What is the best way to clean a moldy fridge?

I have been in the cleaning business for a while now, and I clean all kind of house, some people keep their home pretty clean, there's only dust around and their fridge is spotless.

There are some houses that we cleaned that are really dirty, and if you are scared of anything do not open the fridge, the fridge is moldy until it stinks.

This is why based on experience and expertise I will talk about how to clean a moldy fridge.

How to clean a moldy fridge

I will keep things simple, I will just lay out the step and I will develop later.

To clean a moldy fridge you will need to first.

  1. Empty the fridge
  2. Remove all the shelves
  3. remove all the debris like food leftover or vegetables leave
  4. Spray the fridge with the solution you want to use
  5. Let it sit for a couple of minutes
  6. Scrub it with a scrubee

So let me explain a little bit about the process below

Way to clean a moldy fridge

Pour the undiluted vinegar into a spray bottle and spray it directly onto the moldy surface. let the vinegar sit for a minute( at least half an hour).

Use a brush or scrubber, to scrub the moldy surface until until the mold comes off. Clean the area with rags and throw away the brush and rags used in the process.

But you can use different king of chemical or solution to deal with mold, in my business I used a product called Envirox H2Orange 2 Concentrate 117.

The Envirox is an original formula that combines cold-pressed orange oil and hydrogen peroxide to clean, deodorize, degrease, and sanitize and water surface.

Since Our solution is a little bit expensive if you are on a budget, use vinegar or find some household use products for mold.

However, if some stain stay in the fridge repeat the process to remove all the mold out of your fridge.


Keep your home clean can benefit the homeowner in a wide range, it can keep you safe from bacteria flying in the air that you can't see.

If you look in your home right now, there's dust everywhere, one place to check if you don't trust me, take a look at your fan that keeping you cool in the house.

Grab a ladder and check the top level one your fan, you mind be surprised if you never deep clean your home.

And one more thing not only your fridge can be moldy, as well behind your windows, glass door, even under your dishwasher machine.

To keep you safe and stay healthy call us we will come and deep clean your home at all times.

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