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How much to clean apartments before moving out

Before a cleaning service provider can tell you how much to clean apartments before moving out, some information needs to be gathered, like the square footage, the size of the apartment, and what needs to be done.

Are you in the Palm Beach County area looking for move-out or move-in cleaning services?

Roenter Janitorial Cleaning and Commercial Cleaning Services is here to save the day. Roenter Janitorial Services is a leading provider of environmentally conscious janitorial and commercial cleaning based in Palm Beach County. Florida.

We specialize in move-in, move-out cleaning, post-construction, janitorial cleaning services, commercial cleaning, office cleaning, etc.

We use eco-friendly products, green products approved by the EPA, and products that are safe for kids, pets, and the environment.

How to clean apartments before moving out

This is a question that causes a lot of problems, people think move-cleaning or move-in cleaning is the same as a standard cleaning.

But in reality that is different, the way a cleaner takes care of standard cleaning is different from a deep cleaning.

Move-in cleaning and move-out cleaning are totally deep cleaning services, Deep cleaning just means cleaning areas that usually people don't pay attention to in the apartment.

In our last deep cleaning services, show how a fan that people use every day is so dusty. But homeowners or renters don't understand.

Deep cleaning for move-in or move-out is usually a little more expensive than standard cleaning because there are more requirements.

Some landlords even give you a list of items need to be cleaned before moving out. One of our clients sent us a list of items that need to be done before leaving the place.

Check the picture below just to get an idea of what going on. Some landlords just expect you to do it without even providing you with the list.

And this is required for all tenants whether you renting commercial places or residential.

Cost to clean apartments before moving out

The cost to clean apartments before moving out is different depending on the property, for example, we charge 0.25 cents per sqft for regular cleaning and 0.30 cents for deep cleaning or move-out cleaning.

If you think that is too much money, well think about the quality of work that we provide and the cost of the product that we are using.

Some cleaners charge less than $ 0.30 and provide shady work, and some people charge more than $1 per sqft. for the same quality service that we provide.

We put 2 people per job and 3 hours minimum per job, if you think we charge a lot, some company the same price and send one person for the same length of time.

Our customer satisfaction is our priority, we are satisfied when our customers tell us that they are happy with the job.

Do we charge extra for cleaning equipment Cleaning?

Our cleaning services include everything in your home except laundry, and we charge $30 more to do your laundry. After that, oven cleaning inside and out move the oven and clean behind.

The fridge is cleaned inside and out and moved clean behind, sweeping and mopping it clean.

Microwave cleaning inside and out.

Clean light fixtures, fans, door handles, baseboards, door frames, and chandelier, cleaning disinfecting, and sanitizing.

What makes Roenter's janitorial cleaning services different?

We work until our customer is satisfied, and we put enough people to work to get the job done efficiently and according to requirements.


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