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Home organizing and cleaning services in Palm Beach

Roenter Clean LLC now provides home organizing and cleaning services in West Palm Beach Florida or Palm Beach County.

For whatever reason you shouldn't let the stress and anxiety of cleaning enslave you. It's peace of mind when you have your home clean and organized.

An organized, decluttered, and clean home helps boost productivity and focus, minimizing the risk of illness, and maintaining a clear mind for better decision-making.

It also fosters positivity and social interactions, helps breathe easier, and enjoy better respiratory health.

Don't let the stress of cleaning bog you down, reclaim your time and enjoy a pristine living space with us.

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Home organizing services

In this blog, I will do my best to answer most of the questions you might have about hiring an expert home organizer or decluttering services to help you with your home.

After reading this blog, you will be clear on either hiring a professional or doing it yourself, which one is the best option for you.

Have you ever heard them say time is money? yes, right? but this is not true, there's no way you can compare 1 minute of your time with money.

I was listening to Dr. Myron Golden and he says that instead of wasting 1 hour of his time doing something that is not meaningful for him he would rather spend that time playing golf even though the person would have paid him $50,000 for that 1 hour.

Automating certain bills and services can help you save not only time but money as well. Knowing that certain stuff you have to worry about no more will help you sleep in peace and relieve you from stressing out

Below I answered a few questions about the benefits of hiring professional help.

Can I hire someone to organize my house?

Yes, you can hire a professional home organizer expert to help you with your home organization.
Hiring a professional organizer is a great way to help take the stress out of your home and help you live in a happy and healthy environment.

Is it worth it to hire an organizer?

We charged a lady $1200 and spent almost 3 days with 4 people to throw away stuff in the house her mom who was depressed and living in that house.

If your time is worth nothing for you, it won't be worth hiring a home organizer expert, but if you want more time to do meaningful stuff, like spend time with family or make more money, then yes it is worth it.

This is a nice question, and I can tell you sometimes it is easier to pay someone to organize your home than doing it yourself if you can.

I have done many organizing jobs before and when we got to the house and asked the homeowner what they wanted us to do they went like this is the house.

If you're wondering if is it worth hiring a home organizer, maybe this service is not for you and you should not waste your money on that.

How Much Does a Professional Organizer Cost? 

Depending on the company and where you live, professional home organizer rates typically run between $60 to $120 per hour, and per-project rates cost $600 on average.

If you feel overwhelmed with your home and do not know what to do paying someone to help you will bring you a good relief

What does a professional home organizer do?

Professional home organizers not only help homeowners declutter and organize their place but can also teach them valuable organizing skills.

Some people are not good with placing things around their home, but a great organizer can help with putting each item in the right place, and that way the individual can easily remember where thing belongs.

Home organizer Experts can organize many areas in your home, including your kitchen, garage, office, bedroom, closet, and more.

We can also:

  • Help you get rid of clutter and unwanted items
  • Prepare you for a move
  • Give you advice on how to store your belongings
  • Help manage and organize paperwork
  • House cleaning service, including deep cleaning and move-out cleaning.

Ask home organizers in your area for a complete list of services they offer before you hire one.

Do professional organizers clean?

Some organizers also provide cleaning services, but most of the time the charge for organizing and cleaning is different except they might give the customer a bulk price for the organizing and cleaning.

When hired us for your Organizing jobs we also charged you for cleaning as well, but some people said like ok, do the decluttering today and later we will do the cleaning or sometimes we charge in bulk for organizing and cleaning the house.

It is always better to hire a company that offers both because you can save a lot of money that way.

Where do I begin to organize my house?

Start by walking around your home and figuring out what you need and what you don't need. Do a complete checklist and figure out where necessary items are going and which are going to the trash.

If the house is too cluttered, call us we will give you free suggestions and you don't have to hire us for the job.

We will give you ideas on where and how to store your wanted items, and what are usable or not. We can help in building extra space in the house to store certain items that way you can have a clean and organized home.

House Cleaning Services

When hire us as your home organizing service expert also a deep cleaning from us. We will clean areas that most of the time people don't really pay attention to, like closets, top and bottom cabinets, fans light switches, etc.

Our professional will leave your home not just spotless but also with a delightful, fresh fragrance lingering throughout.


Not having a Clean and organized home can lead to discomfort and a stressful life.

Other negative impacts of not having a clean and organized home are: having respiratory issues, allergies, hindered focus and productivity, increased stress levels, and negatively impacted mental well-being.

A dirty home attracts pests, like cockroaches, ants, and rats, which can damage property and spread a lot of diseases.

And, there are a lot of other reasons that I don't have time to least in this blog that can gravely impact your life when not having a clean and organized home.

If you are around West Palm Beach or in Palm Beach County and need your home organized and cleaned, call us for a free consultation at 561-510-7198.

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