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What’s included in an end-of-tenancy cleaning?

The end-of-tenancy process includes deep cleaning of bathrooms, deep cleaning the kitchen and cleaning other living places thoroughly before the end of your lease

The goal of the end of tenant cleaning is to leave to place in pristine condition for the next tenant moving into the house.

Most landlords require the tenant to thoroughly clean the house before reimbursing the deposit and security money back.

So, what might happen if a tenant decides not to leave the property in pristine condition? this is exactly what we are going to talk about in this blog.

The End-of-tenancy cleaning

If you are worried at the end of your lease and not knowing what to do, this blog will help you understand what needs to be done.

Your landlord just wants to make sure the process of switching tenants is easier for him, and after the end of each tenancy, the one that was occupying the place is required to leave the apartment or the building ready for the next lease period.

One more thing is that while you occupy the property and if any damage or anything broken, the landlord doesn't want to stay with a mess that no one wants to move in.

If the property is messy, it's your responsibility but if you already left, that's the landlord's responsibility to fix anything and clean before someone else can rent the house.

That's why hiring a company like Roenter Janitorial Services is very beneficial, we take the burden and give you extra time to prepare for the next move.

If you are looking for end-of-tenancy cleaning services, contact us in less than 24 hours our team will be ready to help you out.

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The End-of-tenancy cleaning requirement

The requirement for end-of-tenancy cleaning is so simple, just leave the house clean. Some landlords might give you a checklist to follow that includes everything that needs to be done before moving out.

However, some landlords just leave you with a choice, leaving you with a choice that doesn't you can leave any mess behind for you to clean.

If you are looking for more detail about move-out cleaning how is it done and how to calculate the cost, check this blog.

Here is the requirement for the end-of-tenancy cleaning.

1 Clean fridge

2. Clean oven

3. Clean microwave

4. Clean light fixture

5. Clean baseboard

6. Vacuum Floor and carpeted area

7. remove fingerprints on the wall

8. Clean bathrooms

9. Clean window

10. Clean blind.

11. remove trash


If you need end-of-tenancy cleaning and you are located in the Palm Beach County, Florida area, Roenter janitorial services can help you get all your deposit back.

We guarantee quality service and our team has the necessary qualifications and training to provide exceptional service.

contact us for your end-of-tenancy cleaning and we provide as well emergency cleaning, which means we can provide same-day cleaning, or if it is already late we will put you on the next day's early schedule.

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