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Email marketing for cleaning services

Businesses are surviving by advertising themself to the public so they can get sees and make sales. There are a lot of marketing strategies that businesses are using to get leads, and email marketing is one of them.

This is why in this blog I will focus on email marketing for cleaning services, how to build your business using email marketing and succeed.

Advertising your business either on Google or Facebook and not having an email list is a waste of money because even if someone is searching for your services that does not mean that this person is ready to buy.

In this blog, I will give you some examples from experience, and why having a leads or prospect database can benefit your cleaning business. Should you wanna learn more about how to advertise your cleaning business and create a 6 figure income for yourself and your family click this blue link to learn more...

Email marketing for cleaning service

I have been doing business for a little while and realized the reason why most businesses fail in their first year is because of a lack of sales.

Business is surviving on sailing, whether you have a service business or a product business, if don't know how to sell your service or product, your business will surely not last long.

Many cleaning business owners are on Facebook groups scamming people, crying and complaining that they spend money on Yelp ads, Facebook ads etc, and get no results.

Let me tell you, you're not the only one if that happened to you, the ones that are making it big out there, don't do their selling on Facebook, By the way, ad platform won't even allow you to sell to their customers.

That's why they have all these rules and compliancy system to stop you form selling your services or product, even you are paying them.

Secret of email marketing for cleaning services

If a business owner doesn't invest in email marketing, especially for those who are running ads, you are losing a lot of money.

According to statistic before someone makes a buying decision or decide to purchase your product or service, that has to see your product 7 or 8 times according to a quick Google search I made.

Some go further to say that some people decide to go with your service or buy your product after 21 time seeing your ad, Read more.

Let's say you don't do email marketing for your cleaning business, Each time a customer sees your ad and does not capture their email to stay in their face you lose that customer forever.

That's why email marketing for cleaning service blogs is to help you understand and apply effective strategies that will make your business grow faster. My latest blog talk about whether Should you have a marketing plan for your cleaning business, read more about marketing for your cleaning business.

Importance of email marketing

As I said in the paragraph above, not having an email marketing plan for your cleaning business can result in leaving a lot of money on the table.

My experience with the cleaning business and running ads on different platforms shows that not most customers or prospects are not ready to buy when they are searching for your service.

I have an account with Angi ads and each lead they send to me is saying that they were doing market research, but they are not ready to buy yet.

It the same for thumbtack app, where you can pay for leads, to grow your business if you don't want to pay to run your own ad.

Do you know how many leads do that ? a lot and not only residential, and commercial prospect does that even the government, before they issues an RFP advertise a source sought notice looking for a potential seller that can provide them with what they are looking for.

If you don't have a capture page that can save that lead email address and keep advertise to them, you might never get that sale.

Other research show that most sales is made by email, how many time you have received an email and clicked on a link and instantly purchased something, without even planning to buy?

How to build an email list for cleaning business

As you already know the ad platforms favor you by giving you the opportunity to put your business in from of their customers. But these leads are not your leads but how to make these leads yours and advertise to them anytime you want?

Building your email list can allow you to nourish these leads and make sales over and over. If you didn't know that one lead LTV can be for more than you spend on your leads.

The first thing you need to do to build your email list is to have an autoresponder, what is an autoresponder, if you don't know google it.

Build an email list for cleaning business

The first step in creating an email list is, instead of paying for views:

  1. create a capture page
  2. Capture your prospect's email address
  3. Create an automated system
  4. Advertise to your lead on a daily basis
  5. Close on your leads and repeat the process

Email marketing for cleaning business software

In case you don't know which software to use Google email marketing software. There is software at any level, If you are just a startup with a low budget, Awaber gives you up to 500 emails free.

Start with a free plan and when you start making the money you will upgrade.

What does email marketing software do for your cleaning business?

  1. Create automation
  2. Create campaigns
  3. Send emails to your leads on your behalf
  4. Scheduling


Email marketing is an excellent way to market your cleaning business and stay in touch with your prospects. It helps create direct connections with your customers, make more sales and grow your business exponentially.

It also helps you with calculating customers LTV, have real value for your customers and gives you a better return on your investment.

Do you want to learn more about how to grow your cleaning business faster, and make more sales than ever watch this video and I will see you on the millionaire side.

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