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Difference between deep clean and regular clean

Learn the different types of cleaning and which will be best for you.

I realize that a lot of people don't really make the difference between deep clean and regular clean. For this reason, I'm writing this blog just to make a difference for my customers.

If you don't really know the difference that's ok, because most people really pay attention to that.

There are different types of cleaning and by not knowing, someone can spend more than expected when it comes to cleaning their home or the business.

Today I will not focus on the different types of cleaning niches that are out but Difference between deep clean and regular clean.

Standard cleaning vs deep cleaning

One of my customers asked me the other day if we clean the floor when we doing a house deep cleaning job, and that is when I realized that I must educate my customers because they don't really know.

Not knowing the difference is ok. By the way, there are a lot of people who do not know if cleaning a house is a business.

Usually, rich people always have a maid or housekeeping that takes care of their cleaning, laundry, and cooking they are hired as full-time employees, but I don't know if you can call Roenter Clean LLC and they can come clean in less than 2 or 3 hrs and leave your home with a fresh smell and clean.

Now if you are in Palm Beach County and looking for someone who is: trustworthy, and professional to clean your home, you can call us right now and we will come and do a standard clean every month or a deep clean with no problem.

Standard Clean

Standard clean is a light clean or regular cleaning service, where the cleaners come to your home and clean on a monthly basis.

It is called regular cleaning because if someone has a professional clean their home on a monthly basis or biweekly, the house won't be too dirty.

There's not a lot to clean except if it is a business home with a lot of foot traffic and bathroom use, but otherwise, there is not much to do in a standard clean.

The only places that are always in use in a house are the kitchen and the bathrooms, that's why in each cleaning service at Roenter Clean we always deep clean the kitchen and the bathrooms.

What is included in a standard clean

Standard cleaning includes Bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning( all appliances like fridge, oven, microwave, and dishwasher.), brooming and mopping floor, dusting, sanitizing all areas like countertops, etc.

When we maintain your home with our Standard clean we help homeowners keep the house clean and in pristine condition at all times. When we leave a home after a standard clean, we make sure that everything is spotless and the place always smells deliciously good.

Deep clean

This service is more like heavy, let's say someone has been living in a home that has not been clean for years. The only way you will see the result that you are looking for is to do a deep clean.

Deep cleaning goes beyond standard cleaning, In our deep cleaning services we check the stuff that most people don't really pay attention to but that is really important to keep clean.

Keeping these areas clean can help prevent you from dealing with a lot of problems.

What is included in a deep clean service

Deep clean service includes the standard cleaning plus checking areas that people don't really pay attention to, like the fans, oven inside and out, fridge inside and out, blinds, top cabinets, cabinets, air vents, walls( removed fingerprints), doors locks and handle, light switch, etc.

When we deep clean a home, we clean rust on stainless appliances, like stainless steel fridges, ovens, and dishwasher machines.

Negative side effects of not having a clean home:

  1. Accumulated dust, dirt, and bacteria can lead to respiratory issues, allergies, and other health problems.
  2. A dirty home attracts pests like cockroaches, ants, and rodents, which can damage property and spread diseases.
  3. Living in a cluttered, unclean environment can increase stress levels and negatively impact mental well-being.
  4. Studies show that a messy environment can hinder focus and productivity, making it harder to accomplish tasks.

Deep cleaning vs standard cleaning

Now I hope you can easily make the difference between deep clean and regular clean. The deep clean is everything that is included in the regular clean plus some places that people don't really think about in their home when they're cleaning.

Since you know the difference, now let me tell you when someone needs a deep clean.

  • When someone moves to a new house
  • A house hasn't been cleaned in years
  • After a big party in your home
  • Move out to a rental home


Deep cleaning your home can be very beneficial, it can help you breathe better air and live happier. Sometimes there was some place that I went to clean and the house smelled like cigarettes, pet odor, or grease.

If you have these problems, we can help. After a deep clean, now you will need to maintain your home with standard biweekly or monthly

Especially if you work from home, or are retired and do not have the energy to clean by yourself or have no time to clean at all. I have some of my clients who work too much and have no time to clean.

I have some other clients that are not like to clean and others who rather pay someone to clean for them and go have fun with their kids and family.

So, just to tell there's a different reason why we exist. Our goal is to help you better use your free time and be happy instead of spending your precious time cleaning your home.

We have a special for you, we will deep clean your home for free when you sign up for our biweekly cleaning. Get your estimate now.

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