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Daycares and preschools cleaning services

Importance of Daycares and preschools cleaning

Having a daily cleaning schedule helps keep germs away and reduces health risks among the staff and the children.

A thorough cleaning of the entire daycare is necessary to prevent bacteria growth, viruses, parasites, and other pathogen that can cause food born illness.

That is why our daily, weekly even monthly cleaning checklists help prevent places from having bad practices and help keep the environment safe for everyone.

Before a parent brings their precious, fragile creature to your daycare the first thing they check is the safety and the security of their child.

How clean is the place, how the environment looks like, are the bathrooms smell, if the carpet is dusty, the well the room is maintained and what the staff looks like, etc.

All parents have the same reaction when they see a place unlikely not safe for their child, look elsewhere or Google daycares near me.

To make sure your business grows exponentially, having the best cleaning practice is crucial, and having a clean and safe place is a must.

That is why practicing proper hygiene in your daycare can be very rewarding and that will show your staff, and the parents that you care about their well-being and the healthy of the kids

Light custodial cleaning services

  Our daily cleaning checklist includes
  • Dusting, mopping floors
  • Cleaning and sanitizing the bathroom (Including sinks, tubs, and commodes)
  • Infant/toddler rooms
  • sittings rooms
  • Playrooms
  • Dining areas
  • Furniture fixtures
  • Isolation room cleaning

We recommend daily light custodial cleaning to ensure daycares and preschools are cleaned. In addition, we would recommend having a daily service, which is advertised in the childcare/preschool marketing program to help increase enrollment.

Also, the
use of eco-friendly products approved by the EPA that is guaranteed safety for all kids and the environment.

What makes us different

Our focus

We focus on details, a great cleaning service pays attention to details, for example, restrooms, high-traffic floor areas, toys, boxes, desktops, and shelving.

Keep even your smallest customers healthy.

This is our priority, our signature process which ranges from preventing cross-contamination to a reduction in indoor air pollution, eliminating harmful germs, bacteria, spores, and harsh chemicals to keep your staff and children of all ages safe.


Professional staff, uniformed, bagged, and with an aptitude for the most effective clean, you can assure that your facility is safe and ready for you when you return the next day.

Insured and Bonded.

Every one of our staff is covered by our worker's compensation, liability, and bond insurance packages

Daycare/preschool cleaning

Daycares and preschools share some of the most rewarding experiences for staff, children, and parents alike, but are also responsible for the health and well being some very young clientele.
Next to hospitals and medical facilities, daycares/schools are trusted with the most vulnerable and sensitive customers. Having the facility maintained accordingly to guarantee the safety of the children in the daycare is inevitable.

However, the use of harsh cleaning chemicals in a daycare or preschool facility can have similar negative effects on a child's development as if the facility was dirty.

That is why Roenter janitorial and commercial services are happy to offer their complete green cleaning services as a standard.

Combining our full-time branded, green seal certified cleaning chemicals and state-to-the-art janitorial services process to give your daycare or preschool the highest quality level of cleaning, without leaving the residue or smells of harsh toxins and VOCs for the safest environment for the children.


Roenter janitorial and commercial services can help ensure that your facility is cleaned up to standard, we offer spotless home/office cleaning using eco-friendly products that keep pets, kids, and the environment safe.
Our Experienced team provides the best solution while we guarantee peace of mind giving you extra time and freedom to relax or make memories with your loved ones

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