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Commercial kitchen cleaning services

Mistakes most restaurant owners make when it comes to hiring commercial kitchen cleaning services to clean their back line and equipment in their restaurant kitchen.

Restaurant owners don't care about the place where they prepare the most important item that their customers paid for, since the customers won't check their equipment, they don't pay attention to that either.

Sometimes paying a commercial cleaning company to take care of the backline is a little pricey, but it is more costly when a health inspector cuts them.

Who am I, what make me qualify to talk about this subject?

Hi, nice to meet you, my name is Stanley Cameau, and I have been working in a restaurant for more than a decade. And I know the ins and outs of how the kitchen's special back line works.

in 2012 I started working at the Breakers of Palm Beach as a dishwasher and a year and a half later went to culinary school and transferred to the kictchen working as a chef.

Commercial kitchen cleaning service

I work most of the time with the overnight cleaners since my shift is at night, and I used to clean the place myself, still, I cleaned but not the way I used to.

I saw every time they announce the health inspector is coming, how all the bosses focus on checking everything, all the items and labels.

But, for some places, I don't think help inspector check them and when they do the place mind be closed for a while.

What is more important let the place close or hire Roenter Janitorial Services to come and clean your place?

Let me tell you a story, the reason I'm writing this blog is because I went to a site visit for a restaurant cleaning job and I can tell that this was shot down by the health department. the place was so gross and I don't know how that place is still in business.

commercial kitchen cleaning do it yourself

Are you willing to clean yourself or pay a professional? In case you want to do it yourself this is what you will need.1) a scrapper, 2)some heavy-duty green scrub pads, 3) Swisher heavy-duty degreaser

Step 1: Use a spray bottle, spray the equipment you want to clean let it sit a little bit and scrapped the degreaser off.

Step 2: use soap and water, scrub with the heavy-duty green scrub pads to clean it,

Step 3: And if needed you can use some of the pink stuff also called miracle cleaning paste to shine the equipment.

commercial kitchen cleaning company

Should you hire a commercial cleaning company to help out?

Sure you should hire a company, most people think they will save money if they do everything themself.

I thought that too but after reading Cashflow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki and a couple of other books Like B.O.S.S Move by Dr. Myron Golden, now I see things differently. Most people on the left side of the quadrant or the S side or so-called self-employed people, instead of working for someone else they create a job for themself.

Now if you think doing it yourself is the best route good luck, I listed above in this blog what you will need to buy to do that.

But if by leveraging an other person or company will be better for you, that is the route you going to take.

Rich people leverage everything, Dr. Myron Golden says in his book, time is so precious to worry about necessary thing. I rather let someone deal with the headache while I'm on a vacation trip to enjoy my life.

Or do something that can generate more money.


Don't wait until a health inspector and close your place before you start thinking that keeping your kitchen clean all the time is important.

And also think about food poisoning or roaches that can fall on the food that you're serving your customers, it is not a big deal until something happens.

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