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Cleaning services Jupiter fl

Looking for a spotless home, Apartment, or Airbnb Cleaning services near Jupiter fl? Roenter provides that and gives you extra time to spend with your loved ones.

Many people had bad experiences with Janitorial cleaning services in Jupiter Florida, and that makes them a little skeptical when it comes to choosing a cleaning company to help them with their cleaning project.

Roenter Janitorial Services is here the solve that problem and when we say it clean it because we have what is required to get the job done.

Cleaning services Jupiter fl

Who am I?

Who are we, you might be asking this question, and wondering what makes us qualify to be the best in the market.

My name is Stanley Cameau, in 2011 I moved to the United States and 6 months later I started working as a steward guy at the Breakers of palm beach.

I used to wash dishes, by the way, the position that I was hired for was "pot washer" that's sounds like a fancy name but it is what it is.

We not only cleaned dishes but at the end of the day, we have to mop the floor, wipe all the stainless steel and gold pipe, moved all the stainless steel tables to clean behind them, and make sure the place is spotless before the end of our shift.

I loved this job until I didn't want to do it anymore.

The year 2014 I transferred to the kitchen and start working as a line cook. But the cleaning experience did not end there. Who's ever leaving early has to clean the back line. If you're staying until closed, you will have to clean your station wrap and label everything so that when the night cleaners come in they can do their job.

2016 moved to work overnight as a room service line cook, I and the night cleaners were best friends. While they are cleaning and I'm cooking.

How does Roenter start

In 2020 I started a company called " Reality Online Enterprises" that I was going to use for my internet marketing business. But I failed miserably by not knowing what I was doing.

People are afraid of failing but when you fail in something you learn not to make the same mistake, except if you are a fool to make the same mistake again.

After trying for 2 years and losing more than $60k, I decided to do something else which is change the direction.

I talk to my wife and agree with me to start Roenter which is the same LLC "Reality Online Enterprises, LLC".

My wife is an expert in house cleaning and I have experience in Commercial cleaning, combined these experiences will make us the best in the market.

Cleaning services near Jupiter fl

We are located in the palm beach area but serve from Delray Beach Florida to Tequesta Florida. We can do any job, whatever the size, if you are looking for cleaning Services near Jupiter Fl, feel free to contact us at 561-510-7198.

Our method of cleaning is not different from any other method that another company has used but what makes us different is the disciple that we have and the way we treat our clients.

Our client is always happy after the job is done, our experience cleaners work according to details, and mostly missed nothing, but don't forget the fact that we are humans not one is perfect.

Our services

We offer a variety of services, and we work according to the customer's requirements. From office cleaning, and large commercial building to apartment cleaning we do it all.


At Roenter.com we take pride in what we are doing, experience spotless home/office cleaning while making unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

We use green products that are safe for the environment and use microfiber towels and mop to make sure you get the best experience ever.

If yous wish to add us to your list or want to request a free quote visit our main website www.roenter.com or call us at 561-5107198

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