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How much does it cost to start a cleaning Business?

This is a question that most people trying to start a cleaning business ask, how much does it cost to start a cleaning Business? And this is normal.

If you thinking about starting a cleaning business, you need to start researching the startup cost, but you are so fortunate because this is exactly what I'm going to talk about in this blog.

This is a question that someone asked in a Facebook group that I joined the other day "House Cleaner Community" and think some more people might need help getting started in their new cleaning startup journey.


Information in this blog is used for educational purposes only and this is my own opinion concerning How much does it cost to start a cleaning Business.

After you are done reading this blog, do me a favor comment, if you find this information helpful, and let someone else know about my blog that way I can help more people.

Cost to start a cleaning business

The question was: How did you cleaners get started? Did you start your LLC and then open a company credit card to buy supplies or use your own personal money and pay yourself back?

In 2020 this is exactly what happened to me, and I didn't know to ask before I took any action, by the way, if you find yourself in the same situation hang on I will answer it the right way and maybe that can help you build a successful business.

Most business owners operate on luck, and it is not guaranteed that your idea will work, or that you will like the result or the headache that is waiting for you.

The cost to start a cleaning business is almost none, this is one of the businesses that you can start with no money. That doesn't mean you won't spend money.

However, with as little as $300 dollars you can start your cleaning business and create a successful brand, making a 6 figure business in no time.

How to start cleaning cleaning business the right way?

I always say that starting a cleaning business is easy, but Don't get me wrong because there is always a but in anything. But, because it is easy to start and there is no special knowledge required.

You might be surprised after you launch your business and see how many cleaning businesses in your area that you have never heard of.

This is the only reason I said don't spend your savings buying equipment because success is not always guaranteed in this area.

Now let me answer the questions.

How did you cleaners get started your cleaning business?

I got started by going to a janitorial store close to my house and asking the owner. I'm trying to start a cleaning business what do I need to start?

And he told me exactly what I was going to need, gave me his list of chemical and showed me all his equipment for sale and he told me "This is a very competitive market and everyone already have a cleaner"

Go and try it if you like it you can come back.

Did you start your LLC and then open a company credit card to buy supplies?

Since you don't know if the business going to work, if you trying to create an LLC, leave an open door, what do I mean by saying that?

Don't attach your LLC to any market. Don't call your LLC your first or last name cleaning services or your kid's name cleaning LLC.

This is the best advice I wish I had when I first started my business in 2020. Create a unique name, by the way, your clients don't really care about your business name, all they care about is delivering what they paying you for.

Open a credit card and buy supplies for your cleaning business

The second part of the question was to open a credit card to buy supplies and equipment. My story has not ended yet, keep reading.

Even if you have no money, broke, some people are there to take advantage of you, first of all, someone charged me 10% to get me credit cards, 10% of the total amount.

Another company charged me $2000 to get me qualified for credit businesses, and these people are salespeople they trained to make you believe that the grace is green on the side and promised that you will be rich overnight.

It is a high risk to use credit to build your business if you don't have any guarantee that what you doing will work and no bank or credit card company will give you money to start.

Because most business people are crazy, especially when they first test their ideas or bring their ideas to the market, there is no guarantee that what you're trying to do will work and no guarantee that the field you trying to enter, you will like it and stay there.

Cleaning business license cost

Some states do not require licensing to operate a cleaning business, I'm in the state of Florida and you can wake up one morning and start a cleaning business with no problem.

However, check with your local government because each city has its own rules, don't take chances to violate your city rules because they will come for you if something goes wrong with the services that you are providing.

Even if your state requires a license, start to see if you like the field before you spend money getting a license.

Use your personal money and pay yourself back.

This is the last part of the question, yes it is better to use your own money because you know how far you can go before you get bored and quit.

You can pay yourself back if you succeed but if you don't, it is a lesson learned, and that lesson can be used at any other business that you will start after.

It is better to use your own money to start, because if you fail no creditor will come after you except if you want to sue yourself.

The first 3 to 5 years in business most of the time you won't see a lot of profit, except if you have been in business before or have experience running a business.

My biggest mistake in the startup phase

I started my first business blindly in 2020, used personal credit cards spent thousands of dollars, and failed.

People always say you failed you quit but that is not always true, failing in one business doesn't mean you fail in life. And when you fail you have to accept you failed and pivot.

That will hurt more if you try to force something that is not working for you to work, accept that you have failed, and pivot.

my first business was a marketing business, I failed, and all the mistakes and knowledge that I have I'm sharing them with people so they don't make the same mistakes.

All the marketing skills I had from my previous business that the same skills that I'm using in my cleaning business journey.

Roenter is a short name for Reality Online Enterprises, which is the name that I'm using right now "Roenter Janitorial Services"


Don't use credit to build your business, if you don't have any guarantee that what you doing will work at 50% at least.

To start a cleaning business all you will need is a cleaning kit, with some microfiber towels and a vacuum, with all the supplies that you need.

Then, start the business under your name and when you start making money, go get an LLC and insurance.

No one will come after you when you are small because you will waste their time, they already know that they won't get anything.

If you said what about my asset? If you had assets you would not start a cleaning business, cleaning business owners just create a job for themselves.

Here are some resources to create a 6 figure-cleaning business, good luck

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