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Should invest in a cleaning business coach?

A step-by-step guide to quickly grow your cleaning business. If you feel stuck on a 2 or 3-digit in your cleaning business and ask yourself, should you invest in a cleaning business coach?

In this blog I will delve into a few reasons why you should invest your money in coaching programs and why you should not.

I will also be talking also about what kind of coaching you should be investing in coaching and what kind of coaching to stay away from.

And what are the bad and the good and the ugly about all the coaching programs advertised out there, I might be giving some free tips on how to help your cleaning business take off from the ground before you can start thinking about investing in coaching programs.

Should you invest in a cleaning business coach?

If you're thinking about starting a cleaning services business, and asking yourself, how to start your business and grow as fast as possible.

Should I start by hiring a cleaning business coach or is there any step I can take before I start with a coaching program?

Before I talk more about this topic, let me explain to you what happened to me in 2020.

2020 I started with a coaching program, but I had no idea what was a coaching program and the worst I didn't have a business.

Back in 2015, I was looking for opportunities because I was tired of working hard and don't get paid enough to take care of my family.

My Business coaching failure

First I purchased a coaching program for an e-commerce opportunity and that didn't work for me.

After that, I found a  real estate investing program that I was interested in because they advertised that you can make money as a middleman.

I went to a first meeting to upsell me to a 3-day workshop and after the 3 days, I didn't have money to pay for the coaching,  I went to YouTube University to look for information on how to do real estate wholesaling.

But, I wasn't lucky enough, I found a guy and purchased his program, I start doing what he taught in his training and the pandemic happened,  I didn't even make one deal until I stopped.

Cleaning business coach lessons

When the pandemic hits,  I was home unemployed and failed 2 times in e-commerce and real estate wholesaling.

I found a training program that promised me that my problem will go away and in a few months, I'll become a millionaire, and I fall for it.

Why am I writing this blog?

This a way that I can guide newbies that don't know anything about business not to make the same mistakes that made.

Coaching programs for your cleaning business

When can you hire a coach in your cleaning business or when should you invest in coaching programs for your cleaning business?

What is coaching and what is coaching for?

If you ask anyone that made in business advice they tell you the exact truth that I'm about to lay out.

Coaching programs are programs that are designed to help businesses grow, develop or take a business from step 1 to move it to steps 2 and 3, etc.

There's a difference between training that teaches you how to do certain stuff and a coaching program that can help you develop a new business idea, help you start doing something you haven't done before in your business, and help scale and grow fast.

Should you invest in coaching programs for your cleaning business

If you haven't already have a business,  you can purchase training that can help you focus on what is required to start a  business but if you're never starting a business before "coaching is not for you"

Most coaching programs will promise to make you rich overnight if you join, but in reality, it is impossible. Join a coaching program without you having a business won't work at 90%.

The percentage of success is really slim, coaching is designed to help you scale and grow,  but not to help you start in business.

Starting a business is so stressful and no one will take time to babysit you while you are making all the mistakes.

Don't start by looking for coaching, but start by building your business and spend time learning how business work, and what are the legal requirements.

What your government requires to have a legal business, should you start as a solopreneur, should start as a limited liability company, or as an S-corp? etc

Figure out all the legal stuff and start making a little money, after making a study monthly income and want to scale, that is where you can start thinking about getting coaching to take your business to the next level.

Shopping for cleaning business coaches

This part is the most important if you didn't know that there's a coach for everything, it's not that you just raise your hand and said I need coaching.

First, you will to identify where you are stuck, and in what area you need help in your business.

This blog is not only for cleaners or cleaning business owners but anyone trying to start and grow a business.

Cleaning business coach

Cleaning business coach

Some free coaching programs for your cleaning business

This video has the  3 popular websites or organizations where you can find free coaching that will help you, and they can help you in whatever stage you at in your business.

These are free because the government already paid them to help you as a new business owner.

The government wants you to succeed because 23% percent of the government's money is spent on doing business with small businesses, but most small business owners don't know how to approach the government to participate in their bids.

But I don't want to lose you by talking about the government, let's leave this for another day, let's talk about how to get free mentors and free coaching.

Here are the 3 organizations

  1. SBDC you can search for mentors around your location by entering your zip code, then clicking Find an adviser
  2. Score this website also is a free website where you can find free coaching, whether you are an established business or a start-up, visit their website and learn more about how to get the help that you need.
  3. Ptac Procurement technical assistance center is more for small businesses that are trying to enter the government market, but they can help you in getting your business up and running successfully 

Paid coaching program

If you have an established business, and you are already in 5, 6 figures even 8 figures and get stuck there, don't know what to do!

Here are a few coaching programs that will help you scale as quickly as possible.

  1. Success Path Master, They have a wide range of great coaches that are making millions of dollars every year. They will work with you one-on-one to help you develop the necessary skill to grow as fast as possible
  2. Mind mastery. Learn the principles found in the bible,  principles that God gave to the great king Solomon, one the richest man that the world has ever known. If King Solomon was still alive he would be 4 times more teacher than Elon Musk in these days.

Disclaimer: By law, I have to let you know that "by clicking on the last 2 links and ending up making a purchase, I might get a commission "

Should invest in a cleaning business coach?

In this conclusion I don't have that much to tell you, most business owners that are successful right now had and still have a coach.

Coaching for business is a must, you can't be in the top 1% without the help of someone that is already there.

Business is hard, and that is why people who made it to the top, always try to help others, because, the more you help others more successful you will be.

Should you invest in a coach for your cleaning business? the decision is yours.

Hope you learn something from this blog and if you do, please share it with someone that is in need of this information.

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