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5 Apps for cleaning business owners to grow faster

Are you a cleaning business owner that is looking to grow your business faster?

Grow a business is the hardest skill that a business startup requires,  Having a dream is one but to make your dreams come true that's another story.

There are thousands of cleaning businesses in each city, they are so many because it's an easy business to start, and with almost no money you can start.

House Cleaning services business owners are crying for lead, they don't know how to get cleaning clients.

A lot of clients get scammed by apps or others that are taking advantage of them.

This is why I decided to create this blog, in this blog I will talk about 5 Apps that a cleaning business owner can use to scale and grow their business.

Apps for cleaning business owners to grow faster.

Grow a business is challenging, and people who try to start a business fail, quit and never look back, while entrepreneurs like myself pivot.

All business owners, go through the same trial and error, they all make mistakes in the beginning, but for those who stay in the game, they see results.

This is my 7th business and most of my businesses in the past failed because of a lack of knowledge.

I knew I had something in me that most people don't have, but I believe that all the mistakes that I made taught me something different.

That's why everything that I've learned during all these years, I'm putting them down so I can help others not to make the same mistakes.

Don't be happy because I said that, if you start a business and make no mistakes, be careful because you can make the worst mistakes ever that can even cost your life.

Being on top doesn't mean you will stay on top if you don't pave the way to the top.

I want you to succeed that is why, if you read this in the end I will list 5 Apps cleaning business owners can be using to grow their business fast.

I know how you feel, I know the struggle because I have been there, and most of what I say in my blogs is based on my experience.

Now if you are looking to grow fast, you will need resources, When I say resources, all kinds of resources.  You will need money and expertise.

However,  if you don't have the knowledge don't worry by doing it you get the expertise that you need.

All these apps that I'm going to talk about in this blog will require payment to make them work, which means sign-up is free but you will pay for the leads.

Before I list these apps,  let me talk a little bit about these leads,  leads are not customers, that is why they are called leads.

They are just people who post in these apps that they need the service, they post the requirement, and the app or website matches them with local businesses.

You can get the lead, send your quote, and not get hired, Most of these apps have you paid in advance for the lead and there is no return.

They won't tell you that when you sign up with them.

That's why you need to know how they work before you start spending money, and you can spend a lot of money and never get customers.

Beware of scams, scammer is using these apps as well, They create fake job alerts and you will pay for them as well.

If you think someone is a scam, quickly report them, some apps will give you credit for your next lead.

5 apps for Cleaning Business Owners

I don't have any affiliation, with any of these apps that I choose to talk about in this blog. This means if you click on the app link and open an account I will not get compensated.

Alright, here are resources for the apps:

  1.  Thumbtack
  2. Bark.com
  3. Angy.com
  4. Yelp.com
  5. Turno
  6. Craftjack

Each of these app are different,  use them strategically.  Remember these are not free apps like Facebook.

You will pay for leads, not customers,  after you get the lead it is your job to convert it to customers.

Do you want to learn how to turn leads into customers?

I have talked about marketing strategy in my last blog, should you invest in marketing for your cleaning business go and read or click here to watch this video and learn the best strategy top marketers have used to convert leads into customers.

How do you pay for cleaning leads?

These 6 apps are different since I told you before, here are the apps below:


Thumbtack charges your bank account directly if you don't have funds in your account.

For each person who chose you and requested a quote from your business, the fee is debited to your bank account.

But one thing that I don't like is if they send the lead to 5 or 10 businesses they charge all of them.

This is a really profitable business,  one leads that Thumbtack get for free, they can sell it for $300 to $500

Guess who pays, you pay that money.


The second one is bark.com, this one I have not been using it long but it's almost the same thing.

When you first sign up they will ask you to buy credit. Each lead depends on the requirements that will be leased.

For example,  you might need 6 credits for a one-time cleaning service for a 2 bedroom and 2 bathrooms house, while they might charge you 8 credits for a recurring service.

But, whatever is it it is less than what Thumbtack charges for their leads.


The third one is angy.com I will skip this one because I have not checked it yet.


The next one is Yelp.com,  most business owners know what Yelp.com is.

Yelp is a business directory,  where you can list your business and people can look up your business and leave your business a review.

After creating the account, they will offer $500 credits to advertise your business.

They also have a lead like Thumbtack and Bark.com where you choose a lead and they charge you $31 and up for the lead.

Or if you choose to run ads with them they will charge you for clicks. Just like Google, Bing, and Facebook.

Turno app

Turno for Cleaners, formerly a turnover AirBnB form cleaners, helps professional vacation rental operators simplify and automate the turnover process.  Find, schedule, and pay cleaners to manage their short-term rental business from anywhere.

If you are not turnover cleaners it might be difficult to sign up because you will need a host as the referral.


Crafjack is a home service platform that connects homeowners to professionals in their area. Similar to the other apps, you don't have to pay for a sign-up fee or monthly fee but you pay for leads that the app sends you


Cleaning Business owners should not rely on these apps only to grow their business, these apps cost a lot of money to get leads.

There are a lot of different ways to get customers easily and faster. Learn how to leverage

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