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Thrift Store Treasures: Self-Development books for 99cents

Thrift store treasure secret for book lovers, learn the cheapest way to boost your knowledge and fill your pocket with money. More knowledge more money

Finding great books cheap can be life-changing for a lot of people, self-development books, business books, relation books, cooking books, etc.

This is why in this blog you will learn how to boost your knowledge without spending a fortune, by reading this blog "Thrift store treasure: self-development books and business books for 99 cents" you will learn the best way to acquire as much knowledge as willing for 99 cents only.

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Thrift store treasures: self-development books and business books

Welcome to the world of Thrift store treasure, in this blog gems pack of knowledge, you will have access to information that is useful, information that can help find your purpose, build potential, and make your desired money without spending a fortune.

Thrift stores are places where most people go to find treasures, to find expensive items cheap and some people even build successful businesses using them. Everyday thrift store is always jam-packed with people from different walks of life, and different languages from everywhere in the world.

People are looking for all kinds of items, some are looking for electronic gadgets, some are looking for shoes and clothes, and some are looking for toys, etc.

But, there's a place, a secret place for book lovers I can say, it is the most important section for me in the store and that place always has a few people looking at it. Which is the book section. My favorite section in the thrift store since 2022.

Before 2020 I hated reading. When I was young my teacher from high school used to tell me that I had to give myself the habit of reading.

It is not that I never tried, but anytime I picked up a book to read I felt sleepy, and it's either I went to bed and slept or found something else to do.

Why thrift stores are gold mines for book lovers

I started reading at age 40 after I paid for a coaching program and I was so dumb, I didn't do anything with the coaching.

And I remember lying to my coach and one day I was questioning myself, why I was doing this to myself. Since that day I started forcing myself to do stuff that I'm uncomfortable doing.

Which is making videos, writing blogs, and reading books. I know a lot of you related to this, and some of you have not taken that decision yet to start being uncomfortable.

Doing uncomfortable stuff helps you grow, which can change your mindset and that can also change your income as well.

Why Thrift stores are gold mines for book lovers? Books nowadays are very expensive and don't get me wrong, writing books and selling them is a great business for those who have the qualifications for that.

Spending time writing a book once can be very rewarding, I love to listen to Dr.Myron Golden and he talks a lot about that.

A best-selling book can bring in revenue up to $100,000 every year, and you don't have to rewrite or modify the book. This is the best way to build a passive income.

But, If you wonder how this blog can benefit me? This can be beneficial if you are a book lover and want to read as many books as possible without spending a lot of money.

A brand new book costs about $30 to $50, and what if you can find this book without paying for shipping for 99 cents only? Will this help you boost your knowledge and learn as much as you want?

Sure, that will help you big time because this is exactly what I do. This is why reading this blog can be very rewarding.

Thrift Store Treasures: Self-Development books

In the thrift stores, there's a section where all the books are and there's a section for the exact kind of book that you like to read. And there are books for most people who like to read diaries, Science fiction books, etc.

Most people want to read and feel good after reading something, but reading a book that can change your mind and help you make changes in your habits, and in your ways of doing things, not a lot of people are interested in reading them.

This is why you are reading this blog, I'm writing for people who desire to make a lot of money, and people who are looking for some motivation to thrive.

Emmanuel James Rohn who was professionally known as Jim Rohn An Entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker says "Work more on yourself than you work on your job".

These self-development books can help you create a positive mindset, help with creativity, and help build a better future for the generation coming.

Jim Rohn's famous quotes say " Success is not something you chase; it's something you attract by the person you become".

99 cents books from a thrift store can help you become the person that can attract the success that you want, and help you achieve your goal

Thrift Store Treasures: business books for 99cents

Business books are for people who are looking to have a career as a business owner or want to embark on their business journey, those who are looking for strategies and technic to build a successful enterprise.

I found some of the most interesting books that are selling on Amazon for 30 or 40 dollars, Even though these books are used the nuggets in them are still new.

The Unexpected Value of Second-Hand Books

Here are some of the great books I found a thrift store in my area:

  1. The master key to riches by Napoleon Hill
  2. Shark Tank Jump Start Your Business by Micheal Parrish Dubell
  3. The business Of the 21st century By Robert Kiyosaki
  4. Good to great by Jim collins
  5. Guerrilla Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson and Grant W.Hicks

The list above is just a few of the books that I found in a thrift store for 99 cents each.

Some books I found in thrift stores are life-changing and also these books sometimes are not even available online or in some popular store. Now to boost your knowledge and change your life is even easier with either free or cost-effective tools that are available.


YouTube and Google have a lot of free resources that can help you grow, whether you like motivational stuff, self-development, investing, or strict business.

There are a lot of audiobooks on YouTube and a lot of free pdf on Google. But if you live to have physical resources, books that you can sit down and read at home or wherever you at.

Pay a visit to the thrift store in your neighborhood, you might be surprised treasures you might find there.

Start Your Treasure Hunt Today

After you have done reading this blog, go hunt for your own treasure, it might be the best decision that you ever take in your life.

Reading books helps you get smarter, develop more in communication even practice your speech. I read my first book cover to cover at age 40 years old and now I read every day for at least 3 minutes or 10 pages.

Reading can help in learning more ways to do what you are trying to do. People who read more get more knowledge.

Find some great titles and go look in a thrift store and be curious you will be surprised what you can find out there.

Thrift Store Treasures: Self-development books and business books for 99 cents are where to start if you don't have a lot of money to spend on education.

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