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Office deep cleaning – Janitorial services

Did you know that keeping your office clean can save you from getting sick? yeah, having an office deep-cleaning service regularly can be a health benefit for you and your employees.

Keeping your office clean can be helpful in many ways, which is why in this blog post, I will focus on how to deep clean and how often to deep clean your office.  

Before I go further what consider a deep cleaning?   Deep Cleaning is the cleaning process that removes visible and invisible dirt, as well as bacteria and germs.

  Deep cleaning is very different from standard cleaning and requires way more work. Effectuating a deep cleaning may require special equipment and materials.  

Office deep cleaning process

Roenter office deep cleaning pro

  It is very important to understand the purpose of deep cleaning and how it's done. It is very different from regular or routine office cleaning or janitorial services

Understanding the process can help you from thinking that someone is robbing you when asking for a specific price.

Office deep cleaning requires a plan, and it is something that is planned. No one can decide on one day his going to do a deep cleaning on a regular day.

 We can't or no one can turn a regular clean or standard clean into a deep cleaning because the process is different and the materials used are also different.  

This is why in this blog I will give you the real process of an office deep cleaning.  

What is included in an office deep cleaning

  Below I will list a few items to check and clean on an office deep cleaning. A professional knows where to look and what to do when deep cleaning.   While a regular person might never think about these areas.

  This is a brief list of what could be included in an office deep cleaning:  

  1. Hard-to-reach ledges, windows, light fixtures, and above cabinet
  2. windows inside and out,
  3. Clean frames and glasses
  4. All tapes  de-scaled
  5. ceiling fans
  6. Shampoo carpet and upholstery
  7. Hard floor scrubbed
  8. Remove the HVAC vent cover, and wash them and more

  It is not simple work because professionals are required to move stuff, and have a larger space than the office space to effectuate the work.

Some place in the office to clean them while deep cleaning, will require moving chairs and furniture. Also sometimes it required special training to deep clean, like being able to use a ladder and not afraid of heights.  

It also might require more people while some people take care of space that is not visible or space that does not get cleaned on a standard cleaning operation. Some people will have to work regularly and fix any furniture moved.  

How often should you deep clean your office?

Roenter cleaning lady

Depending on the space, the environment, and what the office is used for, the time may vary. Some spaces may require a deep cleaning every 3 months while some every 6 months.  

Let's say your office is located in a clean environment and effectuates standard cleaning daily or weekly basis, it might be required to do an office deep cleaning every 6 months.

  However, if the environment is not a clean environment for example in a hotel where you have a few kitchens, grease and fumes are everywhere then you might need to effectuate a deep cleaning every 3 months.  

How much does an office deep cleaning Cost?

  This is a question that most business owners always want to know, but let's be clear, no professional can give you a price or a clear estimate without first seeing the place.  

You might say well, if you are a real professional you should know how to price! it is not that we don't know how to price. The job price has to be fair for both parties.  

The office owner doesn't want to overpay for the job and as a cleaning company, we don't want to lose money on the job either.   To just throw a price like that on you, may hurt both of us. For that reason, it is more important to stay friends and do business together for a long time.  

To get an idea on how to price the job it will require you to make an appointment and schedule a tour, after seeing the place, not you can sit and do the math.  

Office deep cleaning services

In an office deep cleaning service, your math has to be right, and never lose money on a job.

The math will include: how many hours it might take to get the job done, and how many people you will need to send to get the job done.  

It is a job that females can do or you will need a strong and experienced man to do it, and what equipment will require.

If it's a high ceiling how tall the leader will need to be, If there is a mat, how large is the mat, can the mat cleaned inside, does the mat need to be cleaned on the floor, and put back?

 Most deep cleaning requires hot water or steam cleaning, is there a sink inside that the professionals can use to wash this stuff, or does the pro have to carry the stuff outside wash them, and bring them back inside?  

Remember deep cleaning can take a long time depending on how often the place gets cleaned.   Now, after identifying all these issues you can decide what will be the price.  

Should you charge office deep cleaning by hours or by sq feet?

  In my opinion, professionals should never base their prices on square feet. Let's say you charge by sq foot and the job requires hours and the cost to get the job done is lower than the expenses.  

Be mindful that not all of your team works the same, only 5% of all employees care after that, and most of your employees won't care that's why the employer hires supervise to make sure the job gets done properly.

  As a pro, you will need to do the math right and after all expenses, you will have enough left to pay your bills and pay Uncle Sam.   Remember if you forget Uncle Sam in the equation your business life won't be long.   That is why it is better to charge per hour  


  Hope you have an idea of how an office deep cleaning is done and why you should have a clean office.

  This can be costly but having an office where your employee feels at home can help your business grow exponentially.   And also you can bring more ideal customers because customers love the clean and comfortable environment.            

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